Eze Concierge

Empower staff to serve customers quickly and engage them continuously in the store

Eze Concierge is a staff tool that ensures efficient queue management, by empowering staff to serve customers productively and help them make the most of their store visit.

SMS follow up, booking confirmation emails, enrolling into classes, checking the availability of the staff, creating compelling classes and seminars in store enables various touch points that ensures customers are engaged, informed, they opt in and are participating.

Furthermore, this system offers comprehensive reporting and insights on the store activity available to store management at any time.
Using Eze Concierge application in integration with Booking, Rostering, Classes and digital signage can create a compelling experience that gives customers reasons to stay engaged in the store, be efficiently served, share their details and feedback and keep coming back.

Depending on your requirements, Eze Concierge is available in Essential, Enhanced, and Premium packages.

Eze Concierge queuing management system is a combination of web based applications that are used as portable and back office staff tools. Eze Concierge is not a customer facing application that is to be used by customers in store, it is a powerful staff system that enables customers to be easily served and engaged to return to the store.

Eze Concierge Application

Eze Concierge is staff managed application. A concierge or store manager logs in using their credentials in the browser of their tablets and phones and manages the queue.

All the staff have their own application on their devices and work stations, and they can see when customers have been delegated to them. The can manage the queue with a simple tap and swipe to move customer across the queue and select the reason for visit and its outcome.

All the customer information, average serving time, inquiry details, outcomes of the visits and much more is stored in the database and available to be downloaded as CSV reports in the admin part of the application.

Booking & Rostering

Eze Concierge provides staff restoring and appointment booking system. In essential package Engagis offers integration with your own booking system, however in Enhanced package we can build and host an external booking portal with your company subdomain and branding.

Regardless of the source of the booked appointment Eze Concierge will have all the bookings visible on your essential device while enabling you to make the same type of booking for you customer while they are in the store.

The rostering system available in the admin portal of the application enables you to insert weekly and monthly rosters/booking slots that will appear on your booking website and on the floor device.

Event Management System

Eze Concierge in premium package includes an integrated event management system. Apart from bookings made online your Eze Concierge device will also store all the events scheduled in stores across the city.

Eze Concierge Premium features two more web based applications that will enable the management to create compelling and information packed online brochures that your staff can download the material from. Event creation system enables your staff to schedule and manage date, time and venue of the event, enroll participants and facilitators and also see seminars and classes that are available in stores across the country.

On the floor essential devices will show all the classes available today and enable you to enroll the customer into the class on the floor.

Wait Time Display Screen

Offers in store digital signage of the upcoming appointments and available classes. Apart from all the enhanced and premium systems you will have an in store digital signage that has a live feed of the upcoming appointments and classes scheduled in your store on the screen. The feed can be shown in combination with advertising material and designed per your branding guidelines.