Suncorp Concept Stores – Unifying a house of brands to educate & inspire the customer

Unifying a house of brands to educate and inspire the customer

Suncorp Group’s journey towards the delivery of concept stores began 3-4 years ago when their CEO initiated a project to unify their CRM and databases between all companies within the Suncorp Group portfolio, including; Suncorp, AAMI, GIO, Shannons, Vero and  Apia.

As a natural evolution from this project, the house of brands concept stores were born. The idea behind these concept stores was to have a physical space where customers could come to be educated and inspired through the entire research and purchase phase of large milestone moments like buying a car, a home, an investment property, or retiring.

This is a major shift in the industry, to move from a product-set to a customer-centric approach of communication, and is essential in helping to maintain customer loyalty in the years to come.

Parramatta and Carindale Concept Stores

Engagis has steered the delivery of two concept stores, one in Parramatta, Sydney and the other in Carindale, Brisbane. These stores are a move away from the traditional branch to a more inspiring and educating space combining innovative technology and a more contemporary design and includes a concierge system, wayfinders, interactive screens for workshops and classes, and video walls for large scale brand impact and live activations.

As well as the technological transformation in-store, the concept stores also have an amazing team of staff  trained to help customers across a whole range of needs such as buying a house/car/investment, and extended opening hours offering seven days a week.

Instead of a customer coming in solely for a banking transaction, they can visit the branch for a myriad of high value consultative services.

How Engagis Helped

After an inspiring visit to a Telstra Discovery Store and a pressing need for digital transformation within these concept stores, Suncorp approached Engagis. We designed and implemented a range of digital touch points across the different zones in- store.

This included large interactive touch screens for customer workshops, medium sized interactive touch screens in meeting rooms for dynamic sales and service conversations, smaller touch screen kiosks running a ‘Discovery’ app to help customers through their milestone moments, and a stunning video wall as a hero piece for the store.

Engagis are proud to see another great business make the commitment to leveraging digital transformation to improve customer experience first.