Eze Impress digital signage improves customer attraction and experience and leads to increased spend

Engagis is helping leading banks meet this challenge

Bank customers are demanding changes to the traditional branch experience

Engagis can help you navigate the plethora of options

LED signage: bigger, brighter and better.
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Eze Concierge delivers happier customers and visitors

First impressions count. How are you managing visitor check in, queues and wait times?


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Digital signage, Interactive Kiosks and 3D interactive product catalogues help drive sales and enhance customer experience by bringing together digital infrastructure with rich content, emotion and personalisation.

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CRN: Failed tech supplier to MyGov, Myer snapped up by Microsoft partner

CRN: Failed tech supplier to MyGov, Myer snapped up by Microsoft partner A technology supplier that claimed MyGov and Myer among its clients has hit the wall with a trail of debts, while its customers have been picked up by award-winning Microsoft partner Engagis. Melbourne-based Nuon, which developed digital displays for MyGov storefronts in major […]

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The conversation is changing

It’s tempting to think that the future of customer conversation and sales conversion is going to be entirely online. There are however more acronyms and buzz words being thrown around this arena than there are awkward sexual innuendo’s at Friday work drinks. The reality is though, when something matters to a person they don’t want […]

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