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Eze Impress digital signage improves customer attraction and experience and leads to increased spend
Bank customers are demanding changes to the traditional branch experience

Engagis is helping leading banks meet this challenge

First impressions count. How are you managing visitor check in, queues and wait times?

Eze Concierge delivers happier customers and visitors

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Digital solutions for signage

Attract. Engage. Transact.

Digital solutions for Signage and Interactive Kiosks help drive sales and enhance customer experience through rich content, emotion and personalisation.

The modern workplace is brought to life through visitor management, digital signage for staff communications, smart space and room bookings, wayfinding and workplace presentation and collaboration technology

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5 Things The "New Normal" Will Have In Retail 1

5 Things The “New Normal” Will Have In Retail

As we’ve recently left our homes and returned to the physical world, retail stores have been looking a little different. The world of retail has changed (for the better), and Engagis has identified 5 areas […]

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How Customer Expectations Have Changed (and How To Keep Up) 3

How Customer Expectations Have Changed (and How To Keep Up)

As retail experiences change, so too do the expectations of the customers using them. The changes in these expectations have moved rapidly over the last decade, while pandemic shopping has turned the way retail runs […]

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