Eze Impress digital signage improves customer attraction and experience and leads to increased spend

Engagis is helping leading banks meet this challenge

Bank customers are demanding changes to the traditional branch experience

Engagis can help you navigate the plethora of options

LED signage: bigger, brighter and better.
Also now more affordable.

Eze Concierge delivers happier customers and visitors

First impressions count. How are you managing visitor check in, queues and wait times?


Attract. Engage. Transact.

Digital signage, Interactive Kiosks and 3D interactive product catalogues help drive sales and enhance customer experience by bringing together digital infrastructure with rich content, emotion and personalisation.

Proven Performance

Digital media solutions are often complex and bring together content creation,  software, networking and the installation of hardware in multiple locations. Engagis can give you peace of mind by being your single point of accountability and an ensuring quality outcome.

Our Work

We create connections for leading brands across retail, fmcg, telco, finance, real estate, hospitality, entertainment and more.

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Shopping malls need to discover the digital version of food and coffee

I remember, it was about 10 years ago, that I watched the slow demise of my local shopping strip. All the eager shoppers and browsers had migrated to the new shopping complex a few kilometres away. It was shiny and new, had recruited all the top name brand brands and had a good peppering of […]

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Not all LED displays are made equal

Being responsible for the delivery and support for digital media solutions at Engagis, it’s critical that I have complete confidence in the components we source on behalf of our customers. To get an insider’s view of LED display production, I recently travelled to China and did a detailed investigation of four factories (in the top […]

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