Our Story

Fully dedicated to improving customer engagement and overall satisfaction

Helping clients connect more easily, more often.

This anytime-anywhere accessibility drives customer engagement and satisfaction, which in turn improves customer service, increases sales and reduces operating costs.

We design, deploy and support a range of digital solutions to support businesses to better engage and communicate with their customers and staff. Through mobile and tablet apps, digital signage displays, interactive touch screens, self-order kiosks, staff communication tools and secure consumer electronic merchandising we bring the power of online – offline and into your business.

From the initial enquiry to the final transaction, customer visits a number of touch points along the Pathway to Purchase. Engagis’ leading technology platform, The Eze Suite, is modelled on this Pathway to Purchase, delivering a range of solutions that attract customers, enhance the user experience, drive engagement, increase sales and build customer advocacy.
Success is a process.

For Engagis, that means going beyond merely integrating hardware and software. We believe it’s about helping our clients to establish what we call connected experiences.

In our experience, the best connected experiences improve customer service, drive sales and cut clients’ operational costs. In order to create this connected experience, we use an approach that we call The Five Pillars whenever we develop, deploy and manage digital networks.

This approach employs high-level, innovative strategic thinking, rigorous software and application development and strong, consistent service to ensure a quality digital media structure that can withstand the demands of the commercial environment. In this way we can consistently and successfully deploy and deliver large-scale digital projects for even the largest blue-chip clients.
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