Our Culture

We believe that ultimately it will be 'Our Personality' that differentiates us.

Our culture is what defines us as one of the leaders in the digital engagement space, which is led by our six core values that we’ve instilled as our foundation for hiring new staff and delivering projects. They are;


We act fairly and with integrity and mutual respect in all business interactions.


We do not compromise on quality and service for our customers. We strive daily to do better. We innovate.


It’s what differentiates us from the others. It’s in our nature to lead by example.


We take personal ownership of our decisions and actions, the effects and outcomes.


Work together for mutual benefit. We value long term partnerships and want them to ‘grow with us’. We collaborate.


We take personal pride in achieving industry leading results for our customers, suppliers and staff.

We believe that we should be overt in demonstrating the above six personality traits. These six traits should be our foundation, giving us guidance to how we make decisions, when each of us are at the crossroads, each and every day. We believe these traits should be used as filter when we are recruiting new team members, partners or suppliers. We believe we should test our behaviour daily against this framework.

Wisdom about keeping perspective on people and money:

“In treating people as less important than things, work becomes both demoralised and demoralising and we become blind to the moral content of our decisions…Money and willful blindness make us act in ways incompatible with what believe our ethics to be, and often even with our own self-interest…the problem with money isn’t fundamentally about greed, although it can be comforting to think so. The problem with money is that we live in societies in which mutual support and co-operation is essential, but money erodes the relationships we need to lead productive, fulfilling and genuinely happy lives. When money becomes the dominant behavior, it doesn’t cooperate with, or amplify, our relationships; it disengages us from them.”

― Margaret HeffernanWillful Blindness: Why we ignore the obvious at our peril