Partnering for Success

Engagis’ partnership with Telstra has been the platform for its retail success and innovation in recent years.

Engagis technology has helped increase sales significantly as well as driving impressions, interactions and engagement in store. Analytics tools allow Telstra to measure customer data accurately, and target promotions and communications to the right customer at the right time.

Engagis also partners with Telstra to create digital media solutions for its enterprise customers.

Together, Engagis and Microsoft have successfully rolled out solutions for some of APAC’s largest retailers and financial institutions.

Engagis was also awarded the Emerging Partner Award at Microsoft’s Global Partner Conference.

Engagis hosts its cloud based software and content in Microsoft Azure and works closely during development to ensure its solutions work optimally for the Surface portfolio, including Hub.

Samsung is the world’s leading technology and digital screen manufacturer, including LCD and LED displays.

Engagis and Samsung have a strong partnership and have together delivered hundreds of successful implementations.

Engagis is a certified Cisco partner.

Cisco is the global leader in networking with a strong focus on the Internet of Things and the digitisation of business.

Engagis works with Cisco to create integrated digital media solutions for customers.

Media Players are an integral component of digital media networks and ensure the reliable and timely delivery of content to a screen or a network of screens.

Our Partnership with Shuttle means we have access to the world’s leading technology to support our commercial grade, large scale networks.

Established in 1983, Shuttle is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers. Shuttle produced the first commercially-successful SFF computer, or Mini PC. It’s engineered to be smaller and more-efficient, yet just as powerful as a full size desktop.

Epistar specialises in the production of wide variety of high resolution LED displays including curved, transparent, mobile, indoor and outdoor and scrolling. Epistar offers a 10 year factory warranty on its LED displays.

Real Fiction provides a portfolio of holographic technology which becomes embedded in Engagis digital media solutions.

Solutions are typically deployed in retail, museums and public institutions and automotive dealerships and flagship locations.

Holographic displays attract attention in a unique and captivating way and deliver content in a way no other medium can.

In Touch designs and builds kiosks in collaboration with engagis and its customers.

A wide variety of form factors, sizes and interactive touch screens are available.

Kiosks are the ideal solution for bringing online capability into a physical environment.