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5 Retail Trends for 2022

The world of retail has changed as we enter 2022, and Engagis has identified 5 trends you need to be across in order to meet new customer demands and maximise the returns you generate from your stores.


(1) An omni-channel approach

As retail continues to adapt alongside COVID-19, customers expect a seamless flow through all channels of customer service, whether it be online, in-person, pick-up, or delivery.


(2) Smaller physical shopping space with full ranges online

Smaller format retail shopping spaces are expected to rise with a reduction in the amount of products and product ranges that are available to view or trial on the shop floor. In-store kiosks and endless aisle solutions will help bridge this gap allowing customers to virtually browse and compare products that aren’t available in the physical store.


(3) Increased pick-up options and appointment setting



(4) Increased personalisation of customer experience

With customers experiencing high levels of personalisation online, an emerging retail trend is a greater expectation for personalisation in physical stores as well. One way retailers can provide personalisation to their customers in the physical space involves better understanding their customers before they come into the store, through the use of appointment bookings and queue management solutions.


(5) Product selection tailored to you

Increased personalisation of product range will become normalised as some physical retail spaces shrink and move online. Through the use of kiosks and tablets, customers can visualise, browse, compare and personalise their experience or products of interest, whilst they are in the store. Engagis has provided car configurators across the Mazda dealership network where customers can visualise, browse and personalise their dream car and its accessories through a range of different situations, right there in the dealership.


Let Engagis help your customers ease into the rest of the year and embrace some fresh retail trends for 2022. Contact us today.


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