5 Ways Technology Has Reshaped The Modern Workplace

The new age of technology has greatly revolutionised the way we work and live. At Engagis we are dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest workplace technology that will keep your business on top and running smoothly. But, what exactly has changed over the past ten or so years to reshape the modern workplace? We’ve put together five major ways that technology has reshaped the workplace to give you some inspiration and education on how your workplace could be improved.


(1) Communication

Good communication is a huge part of a successful business, and the rise of the mobile phone and its use in the workplace has meant that communication these days is streamlined and efficient. Clients and customers can now often get in contact with businesses directly from their mobile phones, no more waiting for email replies or letters in the mail. A lot of businesses are also incorporating texting into their communication strategies, by setting up automated texts and promotions. Email apps also allow you to reply and send emails right from your pocket, and this also means that you can keep in contact with clients and customers outside the office, without having to wait until you’re back in front of the computer. Some useful apps we recommend for streamlining your workplace communication are Microsoft Teams and Office 365, Outlook/Gmail, Slack, Zoom or Google Meet.


(2) Social media and marketing

Following along from communication through mobile phones, devices like these have also prompted a rise in the use of social media and businesses. Aside from being a great marketing tool, social media can also be used for effective workplace communications, where staff can access workplace-related news, milestones and much more.  An effective social media presence can help businesses build and nurture relationships in their community, whether that be between staff, customers or industry peers. Gaining followers on platforms like Instagram or Facebook is great for business, and sharing your message or product is as easy as posting a picture and utilising hashtags and resharing to get your name or messaging out there. It’s also very easy to connect different social media platforms and direct people to your website through links and QR codes.


(3) Organisational tools more accessible

Organisational tools and apps are now a huge part of workplaces. Things like calendars, schedules, job tracking, and to-do lists are now all digitised, making them more efficient than ever. The other great thing about organisational tools being online is that they are accessible to anyone that needs them and are usually just a click away on your computer or smartphone. Your computers and phones can now alert you when your next meeting is and automatically create a detailed schedule of what your work day will look like.


(4) Covid and working from home

Covid forced a lot of people to adapt quickly to working from home and primarily online. But, this doesn’t have to be a completely negative thing! Thanks to technology many people were able to continue working full-time jobs from their computers or phones. Programs like Microsoft Teams and Zoom allowed people to stay connected face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) with clients, customers and staff. Now that more people are starting to go back to work in person, a new kind of hybrid style of working is being adopted by many businesses. This hybrid style of working involves a mix between remote and in the office, with some businesses making the chosen office days for staff flexible and others fixed. The sudden surge of people working from their computers also forced a lot of technology businesses and software providers to improve the quality and ease of use of their platforms for workplaces.


(5) Distracting / difficult to get away from work!

It’s also important to acknowledge the fact that technological advancements, particularly in the workplace, may not always be positive. Sometimes phones and substantial access to the internet can be distracting for staff and may decrease productivity. This is especially true for people working from home, who aren’t being monitored as closely. In addition to this, some people can find it difficult to get away from their work and achieve the right work/life balance if it is right there on their device.


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