Digital Signage Myths Debunked

There’s no doubt implementing digital signage across your stores or businesses can be a challenge, especially without prior experience and not knowing where to start. We see a lot of businesses either not go ahead with digital signage or make the wrong decisions based on a number of myths and assumptions about the cost and effectiveness of this high-tech form of signage. As a result, we’ve put together an article debunking some of the most common digital signage myths that we hear in the industry. This will hopefully give you some more knowledge when encountering these situations in the future.

(1) Getting content onto the screens is difficult and time-consuming

After going through the process of procurement, installation, and content creation, the additional step of getting the content onto your screens may seem daunting. However, improvements in digital signage mean that uploading content to your screens is now easier than ever. Gone are the days of having to upload content to a USB stick and manually fix it to a screen. Modern digital signage now comes with its own cloud-based content management system (CMS), which allows you to upload, schedule and publish your digital content in real-time, to any location, any device, any time and remotely. Platforms with automation like Storya can make the process even easier. Storya allows you to use pre-designed content templates, so you can personalise and build your content even quicker. Engagis worked with  Telstra Retail where they have leveraged the Storya platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their retail signage campaigns. After using Storya, Telstra was able to quickly update and generate new brand-approved content that was not only cost-effective but could be customised depending on their store’s locations. You can check out the video to find out more.

Digital Signage Myths Debunked 1

(2) Digital signage is too expensive

While we acknowledge that digital signage is a significant investment, depending on your business’s individual goals and requirements, it can be well-priced for its huge value. Compared to your standard print or static posters, digital monitors are far more cost-effective and reduce the amount of waste your retail business creates, especially over the long term. As we discussed in the first myth, effective digital signage is managed virtually through the cloud. It doesn’t require the process of staff having to manually swap out posters or paper every time a new campaign starts. Investing in digital signage also means that your content is more visually attractive and dynamic, and improves the quality and impact of your brand messaging through videos and motion animation. Working with an industry-leading digital signage provider like Engagis can provide you with additional savings, as we’re experienced in assessing our client’s individual needs and budgets and using that to suggest best-fit solutions that will work for them financially. Understanding usage requirements, for example, how long a client needs their screens to run for each day, determines whether we’d recommend a 16/7 screen or a 24/7 screen. Identifying requirements like this can have a significant impact on the total cost.

(3) The installation process and ongoing management of digital signage in a large organisation is complex and messy

Finding the right digital signage provider can make a world of difference when it comes to procuring, installing, and maintaining digital signage systems in a retail business. A regular misconception that we hear in the industry is that these processes are highly complex and messy. While we acknowledge that there is a lot to consider and prepare for, especially when getting started, enlisting the help of an end-to-end digital signage provider means that you’re essentially passing the majority of the work to an expert. Having a skilled digital signage provider do the heavy lifting and piece everything together, will ensure a much smoother process, continuity, and reduced internal costs. When compared to print or static posters, as we discussed for myth no. 2, digital signage is a much easier medium to manage as there isn’t a need to frequently decommission and install new posters at the start or end of a particular campaign. 

Digital signage is a powerful tool for retail businesses, and it’s important to be aware of the myths surrounding it. We’ve debunked some of the most common myths, including digital signage being too expensive and difficult to manage. With the right planning and provider, digital signage can actually be cost-effective and managed with ease thanks to cloud-based CMS platforms. By taking this advice and choosing the right signage partner, businesses can reap the benefits of this high-tech form of signage without any of the headaches commonly associated with it. If you’d like to learn more about the digital signage services Engagis offers, you can head to our website or contact us today to speak to one of our professional team members.

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