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Enhancing Collaboration: The Strategic Integration of Poly and Microsoft Teams

Enhancing Collaboration: The Strategic Integration of Poly and Microsoft Teams 5

The demand for robust workplace collaboration and communication tools has never been higher. Poly, a leader in providing audio and video solutions, now seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, bringing more clarity and efficiency to meetings. This combination provides senior IT staff in medium to large companies with a new solution to simplify technological processes and enhance user experience. This article aims to help organisations optimise their communication systems, by showing all the benefits of upgrading to Poly enabled with Microsoft Teams.

Understanding Poly and Microsoft Teams Integration

Poly enabled with Microsoft Teams means your Poly devices can now run Microsoft Teams directly. This integration lets you leverage Poly’s audio and video technology while utilising Microsoft Teams for meetings and collaboration.

Your Poly devices are optimised to enhance Microsoft Teams, which allows you to start meetings with just one touch on your Poly device, experiencing clearer sound, and sharper video. This integration means fewer technical hurdles and a smoother, more reliable way to connect with your team.

By integrating Poly with Microsoft Teams, you create a consistent, secure, and scalable communication environment. This consistency helps you spend less time troubleshooting and more time focusing on the work that matters, all while maintaining the experience your teams are used to with Poly.

Benefits of Upgrading to Poly with Microsoft Teams

In this section, we show all the benefits you can expect from integrating Polly with Microsoft Teams.

(1) Enhanced User Experience

Upgrading brings a seamless transition for your team. Poly’s familiar interfaces remain, but with added functionalities that make joining and managing meetings simpler. This upgrade makes your daily interactions smoother and more intuitive.

(2) Advanced Collaboration Features

With Microsoft Teams integrated into your Poly system, you get more than just basic video calls. You can schedule directly from your device, share files effortlessly, and collaborate in real-time without switching between apps. Poly’s superior audio and video tech means everyone comes through crystal clear, improving virtual meetings.

(3) Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you’re outfitting a small huddle room or a sprawling conference hall, this setup scales with your needs. Poly and Microsoft Teams together provide flexible solutions that fit any space, ensuring that as your company grows, your communication capabilities can grow with it—no need to overhaul your tech.

(4) Streamlined IT Management

For IT teams, this integration simplifies life. It allows management and troubleshooting of devices through a centralised platform, tapping into Microsoft’s admin centres for robust security and compliance tools. This translates into spending less time dealing with support to troubleshoot problems, all while keeping your data secure and your operations compliant.


In this article, we’ve explored the significant advantages of upgrading to Poly-enabled with Microsoft Teams. This integration maintains your familiar Poly experience while enhancing it with Microsoft’s robust collaboration tools. From improved meeting experiences to streamlined IT management, the benefits highlight the potential to transform your workplace communication. If you’re interested in upgrading your organisation’s collaboration systems, get in touch with Engagis today, to get expert guidance.

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