How Enterprise Brands Can Save Money and Deploy Tactical Messaging Quickly with Digital Signage

Digital signage offers a wide array of benefits, including increased foot traffic, improved customer engagement, and a better overall customer experience. But to fully reap the rewards, organisations need a consistent stream of quality content across their digital signage network. Ideally, this content is personalised and localised, while maintaining brand integrity and compliance.

But this can be challenging and costly, especially for larger enterprises that need to distribute content at scale. That’s where a digital signage content automation solution comes in.

What’s a digital signage content automation solution?

Simply put, it allows your organisation to publish and distribute high-quality content across your digital signage network quickly and cost-effectively. This type of solution uses brand-compliant templates from a pre-built and pre-approved library that can display a variety of messages.

Here are just a few examples.

Templates samples

A content creator picks a pre-approved template from the library and adds updated content, either assets or messaging. Then, an approver reviews the content, a publisher performs an additional quality check, and with integration to a content management system, it’s distributed across your digital signage network.

Not only does this allow you to accelerate the speed to market of your digital signage content, it ensures that quality and compliance standards are upheld every step of the way.

Storya by Engagis, for example, allows you to create dynamic workflows, manage your digital assets and templates with ease and with integration to our Impress content management system, you can conveniently publish content across your organisation’s entire digital signage network. It also features adaptive functionality so your content automatically adjusts to the size of each screen and has the correct orientation.

Here’s an example of what a list of templates looks like on Storya.

Storya Templates

Here’s what a template preview looks like just before it’s ready to be published.

Impress_new screen layout

For a detailed explanation of Storya and its full scope of features, check out this video.

How digital signage content automation saves time and money

Storya Dashboard

As mentioned earlier, the cost and time it takes to maintain a digital signage network is a real challenge for many large enterprise organisations. A content automation solution is perfect because it allows you to produce a large volume of content and quickly distribute it to market. Rather than doing everything manually, which can be incredibly time-consuming and a drain of resources, you can keep fresh, up-to-date content coming in without taking up unnecessary time.

This saves money. Because digital signage content production doesn’t have to be done manually, it creates a framework where large amounts of content can be distributed at a much lower cost. If you’re already using the services of a creative agency for your content production, you can get more value from your spend with them using a platform like Storya to increase the volume and speed of production without increasing your costs.

It’s also great for distributing content that’s localised to each particular audience. Large organisations with dozens or even hundreds of locations throughout Australia often struggle with this because of the sheer scale of their operations. But digital signage content automation provides a solution because it enables every single piece of content to be fully localised to different customers. You can cater to the exact needs and demographics of customers in each individual store.

Telstra: a real-life example

One company that’s truly thrived with this technology is Telstra, one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies. They used Storya to increase the volume of their campaigns, and they’re now able to promote new product release information, promotional discounts on new phones, and more to their digital signage network almost instantly.

Storya has allowed them to localise the content displayed on their screens, customising it for each store, while continually meeting compliance requirements. For example, specific messaging in Mandarin can be automatically set up and displayed in stores where there is a Mandarin speaking sales representative or customer base.

By implementing Storya, Telstra has been able to automate 90% of their digital screen content production and have reduced the time to market of in-store campaigns from 4 weeks to 30 minutes. This means they are able to react to market changes and deploy content in near real-time; whilst similar organisations are often stuck waiting for design and approvals.

Want to learn more about Storya and see how you can use it to deploy messaging on your digital signage network more quickly and for less money? Reach out to the experts at Engagis today.

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