How Crestron is Revolutionising Workplace Technology

There’s nothing worse than walking into a meeting and encountering “technical difficulties”. The embarrassment and frustration of a device not connecting, a blank display screen, or attendees unable to hear you can be a hindrance to productivity. With back-to-back meetings, there’s no room for downtime while you wait to resolve an issue. As video conferencing becomes the norm in the corporate world, businesses must invest in the right technology and vendors to avoid or at the very least minimise such problems. 

Crestron’s conferencing hardware platform offers an efficient solution to keep meetings running smoothly. With its live dashboard of device health and the capability to repair faults remotely, most issues can be resolved within five minutes, not five days, helping you and your team get back to productive work sooner. If you’ve got 200-300 staff and 7-10 meeting rooms, a business of your size and scale should expect that any issues will be addressed quickly to ensure your meetings continue to run smoothly. At Engagis, we work to source and install the very best technology for our clients, no matter the size or scope of their business. As a provider of digital business solutions, we recommend Crestron as one of the leading brands revolutionising workplace technology. They are experts in delivering products and solutions that boost collaboration, productivity, and innovation. So, let’s break down in more detail why we recommend Crestron as one of the top brands in the corporate technology space.

How Crestron is Revolutionising Workplace Technology 1

Remote Access

Crestron not only offers top-notch hardware but also enterprise-level support. The XiO Cloud monitoring and support application allows us to remotely manage your workplace technology, enabling quicker and more effective resolution of issues. Crestron enables Engagis to give immediate onsite support at a fraction of the price and a fraction of the time.

The Dashboard

The XiO dashboard gives you an overview of device health and usage statistics. Generally, you’ll get a warning from the system if anything isn’t working, meaning we can address it before it becomes an issue. Often, we’ll know about a bug before you do, and many times it will be fixed before you even know what’s happened! The sophisticated dashboard also allows for different levels of access for different staff members.

Modular Structure

The extensive capabilities of Crestron as a product are evident through its modular structure and this sets it apart from other workplace technology brands. Essentially, the product can be tailored to each client’s specific needs, offering adaptability and flexibility. 


Consistency is key to Crestron’s approach. This means things like keeping the user interface consistent throughout different meeting rooms within the same business, no matter the variation in size. In doing so, Crestron eliminates the need for unique staff training for each meeting room and can efficiently expand the physical space to cater to their client’s needs.

Crestron is one of the market leaders in workplace technology and Engagis is proud to recommend Crestron conferencing solutions to our clients, aligning with our mission of creating better outcomes for workplaces. If you’d like to learn more about how you can implement more high-end technology solutions like Crestron, get in touch with us today for a recommendation, or take a more detailed look at the services we offer.

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