How Digital Signage can be Used Across Different Industries

Effective communication plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity and ensuring the smooth functioning of businesses across various industries. One thing these industries all have in common is that they all involve people. So long as there are people, the need for better, more effective communication will always be present. Digital signage has transformed the way these industries communicate and engage with their staff, customers, and visitors, offering numerous benefits in each sector. Let’s explore the advantages of digital signage in different industries:

(1) Healthcare

In healthcare facilities such as hospitals and aged-care services, streamlined communication and clear instructions are vital. The fast-paced nature of these environments demands timely and effective communication methods. Digital signage, including entrance signs, wayfinding and queue management kiosks, proves highly beneficial. This technology can display directions for staff and visitors, highlight important entrances and exits, convey essential health and safety messaging, such as hygiene or COVID-related instructions and help people check themselves in and out of particular settings. With the ability to adapt and customise messaging, digital screens facilitate cohesive health messaging across the entire facility, as exemplified by our recent collaboration with Gosford Hospital, where we installed digital display monitors and a centralised CMS to update important health messaging easily.

(2) Mining

Similar to healthcare facilities, mining businesses prioritise safety messaging and clear instructions. Digital signage provides an excellent platform to display safety reminders and important HR messaging through a quick and efficient content management system. It can also deliver critical site news, tasks, and weather updates, contributing to enhanced safety at mining sites. Given the mobility of mining companies across various sites, wayfinding and visitor management kiosks assist workers, contractors, and visitors in receiving quick and efficient directions and accessing certain areas.

(3) Universities and Schools

Universities and schools greatly benefit from digital signage due to the complexity and diversity of their spaces. Efficient communication and customisability are key in these environments. Digital signage showcasing promotions, events, teacher information, schedules, and more contribute to a seamless and interactive learning environment and student experience. Alongside wayfinding kiosks, specialised kiosks in service centres like libraries and study spaces facilitate self-service room bookings and resource returns. Additionally, digital signage is now an integral part of teaching and learning, with standard and interactive screens used in most classes nationwide, promoting collaboration and communication among staff and students.

(4) Hospitality

Hotels and bars employ digital signage for announcements, promotions, events, and wayfinding purposes. In bars and restaurants, digital signage adds entertainment value by displaying sporting events, TV shows, or movies, enhancing the customer experience. Customisability is crucial for these establishments as they may need to display dynamic information like check-in/out times or seasonal updates and daily meal promotions, as you’re likely to see at your local pub. With digital signage, changing displayed content remotely becomes seamless and eliminates the need for physical adjustments.

How Digital Signage can be Used Across Different Industries 1

(5) Government

Government facilities increasingly leverage the power of digital signage to enhance communication and improve efficiency. Strategically placed dynamic displays provide real-time updates on events, weather, announcements, and breaking information. Displaying schedules, directions, and interactive maps streamlines operations and facilitates navigation within the facility. Digital signage also serves as a platform for promoting public safety messages, emergency alerts, and safety/emergency information. Visitor management systems using digital signage can also be used to better manage access to security-conscious or sensitive facilities. The ability to remotely update content enables swift dissemination of critical information and adaptable messaging.

(6) Workplace

Digital signage has revolutionised staff communication and operations in office and workspace environments. Display screens keep employees informed and engaged by sharing meeting schedules, company-wide announcements, employee achievements, project updates and much more. Different areas of the workspace can display relevant information, such as hygiene and safety tips in the kitchen or break room, while the foyer or lifts may show light-hearted informative content. These interactive displays go beyond information dissemination; they promote creativity, motivation, and teamwork, fostering a collaborative culture.

(7) Retail

Retail stores have embraced the potential of digital signage to enhance the shopping experience. Dynamic displays capture customers’ attention and deliver captivating content, effectively attracting customers into the store, influencing purchasing decisions and boosting sales. Real-time updates on pricing, product information, and inventory ensure accurate and relevant messaging. Interactive displays provide valuable information, including product demonstrations, reviews, and personalised recommendations, enabling informed decision-making. Engagis has over 20 years of experience transforming the physical spaces of retail with digital signage and interactive technology, for the likes of Telstra, Kmart, Luxottica, Lids and many more.

As we have just discussed, digital signage has revolutionised communication and efficiency across various industries. There are so many uses for digital display screens and interactive systems that allow customers, staff and visitors staff to have the best experience possible with your business. At Engagis we are fully committed to recommending and implementing the best digital signage upgrades for your individual needs. Reach out to us today to see how we can help your business grow, or browse our range of services on our site.

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