How Engagis is Transforming Meeting Rooms With  “Good, Cheap & Fast” Tech

When it comes to workplace solutions it’s highly important to work with an AV partner that can effectively connect you with a solution to meet your requirements. With meeting room solutions in particular, it’s important to ensure that the time and money you’re investing in these updates is going to deliver the benefits you expect. The fast-paced evolution in workplace technology over recent years means that meeting room solutions are now transforming many workplace functions, so how can you be sure you’re making the right decisions, and not taking too long making it?

At Engagis, the ultimate goal is to provide “good, cheap, and fast” meeting room solutions regardless of your level of knowledge in this technology. Often used in jest, these three key outcomes have often been derided as impossible to deliver simultaneously, with only two being attainable at the same time. We don’t agree with this, and don’t think you should have to either. 

Our goal is to quickly guide you through the decision-making process so that you understand the right details, while still ensuring that we take the pressure off of you to navigate through all the options. So let’s break down what we mean by “Good, Cheap, and Fast” in a bit more detail.


During our 20+ years of experience in the technology world, we’ve gained many trusted relationships with brands and industry leaders. What this means is that we’ve seen first-hand what products and solutions work and which ones don’t. With the many meeting room technology options which have come out over the last couple of years, we’ve taken stock of the front-running brands and solutions in the industry and qualified all of our offerings through rigorous testing. This has helped us get to the point where there are no “sub par” meeting room solutions in our repertoire, simply a range of options from good, better to best to suit different business needs and budgets. This base-level quality assurance means that you’ll always have consistency and stability with the solutions we provide. 


When it comes to “cheap” meeting room solutions, for Engagis, this simply means that relative to other options in the market, we’ve found the best value for money that matches what you need and nothing more. This saves costs on consultation, hardware and deployment. Whether you’re a small business trying to set up your offices for effective hybrid working or a large business wanting more reliable and efficient meetings for your staff, we have a number of cost-effective options to improve and elevate your organisation’s meeting experience. Don’t discount the hidden costs of your own time and the loss of productivity in this process.


While we aren’t a small company, we still prioritise having the agility and personal touch of a smaller team. What this means is that we have the capability to deliver fast response times and fast solutions, avoiding all the back and forth that often comes with partnering with a digital solutions provider. The process of updating your meeting room solutions has many different steps, like planning, sourcing, testing, installation, and ongoing maintenance, and Engagis is fully equipped to steer this process from the beginning. Thanks to our comprehensive QA process and product and industry knowledge, Engagis is able to expedite the solution recommendation and pre-sales process as we already have a wide range of offerings to suit most needs. With our strong vendor relationships, we’re also able to navigate industry-wide stock availability challenges more promptly.

Selecting the right AV partner for your office’s meeting rooms is crucial for long-term success. Engagis recognises the importance of delivering “Good, Fast, and Cheap” meeting room solutions while ensuring clients comprehend the intricacies involved. With the rapid advancements in workplace technology, Engagis aims to streamline processes and alleviate the burden of lengthy decisions, providing you with a simple roadmap to choose the right solutions for your needs. Contact us today to take the next step towards transforming your organisation’s meetings.

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