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Preconfigured vs. Custom Meeting Room Solutions: Navigating the Shift from Ready-Made to Custom-Designed

Preconfigured vs. Custom Meeting Room Solutions: Navigating the Shift from Ready-Made to Custom-Designed 3

In the modern workplace, hybrid working has become the norm, thanks to user-friendly platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These tools have transformed standard meeting rooms into hybrid collaboration spaces, levelling the playing field between remote and in-person staff. However, the crucial question remains: Are preconfigured “out of the box” AV solutions always a perfect fit for your unique business needs?

Today, businesses must consider their specific requirements and whether an ‘out of the box’ solution is the right one as the marketing material suggests. Here, we’ll explore the triggers and key indicators that signal when a preconfigured solution falls short, guiding you on the path to whether a bespoke solution is the answer.

(1) What are Preconfigured Solutions and When do you Outgrow Them?

Preconfigured meeting room solutions have played a pivotal role in getting many businesses office spaces functioning quickly for a reasonable price point.  What we mean by ‘preconfigured solutions’ are meeting room technology packages with set equipment, software, and prices, with limited options for customisation. These will be offered in different size options, depending on the size of your space and the number of attendees you’re catering to. These solutions offer a quick and efficient way to equip meeting rooms with the necessary tech, enabling teams to conduct meetings effortlessly. They are especially suited for small to medium-sized spaces, where the primary focus is on basic video conferencing and presentations. Essentially, a “one size fits most” approach.

However, as businesses evolve and expand, so do their needs. The limitations of preconfigured solutions become more apparent when confronted with larger, more complex spaces. While basic systems excel in simplicity and accessibility, they may not adequately address the unique demands of a larger or multi-use space. Consider, for instance, a medium-sized boardroom that seats up to ten people. In the traditional sense, a preconfigured solution may suffice for video calls and presentations. But as businesses increasingly embrace flexible work arrangements and multi-functional spaces, this simplicity may no longer meet the mark.

(2) Transitioning to Larger or Multi-Use Spaces

Larger, multi-use spaces offer versatility, accommodating a variety of activities beyond the confines of conventional meetings. Yet, this versatility comes with its own set of challenges that preconfigured solutions struggle to address. A ‘custom-engineered solution’ is uniquely created by your AV provider and mainly caters to this kind of versatile multi-use space. 

So, what are the implications? One of the key factors to consider is the diversity of functions these spaces must serve. A room that transforms from a standard meeting area to a training or seminar space demands a more sophisticated AV setup. In this context, the limitations of preconfigured solutions become evident, as they often lack the adaptability required for seamless transitions. As we mentioned earlier, the intricacies of the modern workplace now extend beyond the basic requirements of video conferencing and presentations. These spaces may contend with multiple camera positions, background noise, complex acoustics, and varying lighting conditions, all of which necessitate a tailored approach to audiovisual technology.

For example, imagine a shared workspace that hosts not only meetings but also brainstorming sessions, training workshops, and client presentations. This dynamic environment requires a comprehensive AV solution that can seamlessly accommodate different scenarios while maintaining audiovisual clarity and user-friendliness. In essence, the shift to larger or multi-use spaces represents a natural progression in response to the evolving needs of modern businesses. To meet these demands effectively, it’s imperative to move beyond off-the-shelf solutions and explore tailored AV systems designed to flexibly adapt to the diverse activities that take place within these spaces.

(3) Beyond the Functional Limits of Preconfigured Solutions

We acknowledge that preconfigured solutions are often the right fit for your business and there are still many great ready-made solutions available in the Australian marketplace. While preconfigured solutions excel in applications like presentations and video calls, they do have functional limitations. They operate within a defined scope and may fall short when confronted with diverse requirements. Further, venturing beyond preconfigured solutions may involve additional costs and consultations. However, the benefits of enhanced functionality, especially in challenging environments with unique requirements, make this investment worthwhile. Think of rooms with multiple configurations, shifting from meetings to seminars, or a town hall. There are solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs.

In your pursuit of a new AV meeting system, we highly recommend that you make the most of the consultation phase before making significant decisions. Take the time to evaluate the pros and cons of both preconfigured and custom-engineered solutions, aligning them with your business’s goals, space constraints, and budget.

Engagis is here to guide you through this process. We can help you determine whether a custom-made solution is necessary. Our expertise ensures that you ask the right questions and find the best-fit solution for your unique requirements. Your business deserves tailored AV solutions that adapt and grow with you, and Engagis is here to make it happen.

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