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Tech on a Tightrope: Navigating Good and Fast Meeting Rooms

Tech on a Tightrope: Navigating Good and Fast Meeting Rooms 2

We acknowledge that for businesses, a major factor when it comes to decision-making for technology is cost. So, if cost is a determining factor, do you have to give up good quality products that are delivered quickly? With Engagis’ meeting room technology offering, the short answer is no. We stand as advocates of innovation within the ever-evolving landscape of meeting room technology, offering solutions that are not only “good” and “fast” but also “cheap.” In this blog post, we’ll delve more into what we mean by “cheap” and how we manage to maintain affordability without compromising quality.

When we say we deliver “Good, Cheap, and Fast” meeting room tech, we’re not just making empty promises. Our commitment to affordability is grounded in practical solutions, like eliminating unnecessary consultation costs, hidden fees, and the inefficiencies of dealing with multiple providers. We’ve invested the time and effort to qualify preconfigured solutions, simplifying the entire process for our customers. By offering end-to-end services, we streamline labor costs and provide a truly cost-effective solution.

(1) Cost-Effective Solutions that Will go the Distance

With over two decades of experience in the technology landscape, Engagis has fostered strong relationships with leading brands and industry pioneers. This extensive network has afforded us unique insights into the efficacy of various products and solutions. From this, we’ve carefully curated a selection of premier brands and solutions, rigorously testing each one. We provide a spectrum of options, ranging from good to better to best, tailored to diverse business needs and budgets. This ensures that every solution in our repertoire meets a base-level quality standard, guaranteeing consistency and reliability for our clients. While we work to source industry-leading brands for all clients, we also conduct our own rigorous testing and screening process, to ensure the risk is managed on performance and quality. From this, we can be certain that our cost-effective solutions will also have the quality to last.

(2) Save on Consultation Time and Fees

One of the primary ways we keep our solutions cost-effective is by streamlining the consultation process. Costs associated with engaging a technology consultant can be significant, and coupled with the cost of deployment, these can quickly add up. Engagis takes a different approach. We’ve already invested the time and effort to define a range of preconfigured, certified solutions for various applications and room sizes. As a result, for straightforward requirements that align with our qualified solutions, we can spare you costly consulting fees and time. This means that if your needs are not overly complex and our solutions match your requirements, you won’t have to pay for time-consuming consultations. Of course, for more intricate requirements, we’re ready to assist, but this distinction is a part of what sets our “cheap” solution apart.

(3) Eliminate Hidden Expenses of Inefficiency

We know that time equals money, both your time and the time of your service provider. These hard costs are often built in as a ‘cost of sale’, which in any case may be valid and necessary where complex problems are being solved or the advice itself provides an intrinsic value to the consumer. In the overwhelming majority of cases though, most people are able to self-diagnose their core requirements, and with the power of statistics and experience behind us, we’re able to very quickly condense a range of options with which to choose from. Expanding on this, in a matter of minutes, you’re able to determine your entry point into any specific meeting room configuration, the ever-popular ‘middle of the road’ option, or a worst-case maximum spend as a budgeting tool. In any of these scenarios, the time and cost savings that come with being able to quickly and accurately determine your budget and solution cannot be overlooked.

(4) Minimise Labor Costs

Engagis takes pride in being a full-service provider of meeting room technology solutions. We’re not just a provider that delivers solutions quickly; we can also help customise solutions to meet your requirements. This means we handle everything from procurement and installation to support and management. By offering an end-to-end service, we eliminate the costs and time associated with dealing with multiple providers. With Engagis, you won’t need to navigate between different vendors, coordinate schedules, or manage complex communication channels. We handle it all, ensuring that your meeting room tech needs are met efficiently and cost-effectively. This consolidated approach not only saves you money but also simplifies the entire process, making it “cheap” in the most effective way.

So, when you choose Engagis for your meeting room tech needs, you can be confident that you’re getting a “cheap” solution that doesn’t compromise on performance or quality. We’ve done the work to ensure that our “cheap” is synonymous with value, saving you time and money while still providing you with high-quality meeting room technology. Contact Engagis today to experience the future of cost-effective, high-quality meeting room tech solutions.

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