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The Giants of Meeting Room Tech: The Biggest Brands

The Giants of Meeting Room Tech: The Biggest Brands 5

The importance of robust meeting room technology cannot be overstated. Advanced solutions from leading brands like Crestron, Poly, and Cisco have transformed conference rooms. These technologies facilitate seamless communication across diverse geographic locations and integrate effortlessly with popular platforms, ensuring that every meeting is efficient and productive.

Leading Brands in Meeting Room Technology

In this section, we break down the key technologies and stand-out features of 6 major brands in the meeting room industry.

(1) Creston

Crestron is one of the biggest brands in the meeting room space. Their “Crestron Flex” series allows for customisable environments, offering everything from tabletop systems to all-in-one video bars that integrate audio, microphones, and video streaming. Crestron’s solutions integrate with major platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Creston also provides a variety of workspace management tools, including advanced audio systems, control tablets, and flexible desk scheduling options.

(2) Poly

Poly excels in delivering versatile and high-quality audiovisual technology for meeting spaces. The brand offers an array of products, including speakerphones, video conferencing cameras, and headsets designed to enhance clarity and ease of communication. A standout feature is their NoiseBlock technology, which intelligently filters out background noise during calls, ensuring that conversations are heard with crystal clear quality. Additionally, their Studio series of video bars integrates with various conferencing platforms, offering video and sound quality that adapts to room size and dynamics. 

(3) Cisco

Cisco offers a suite of hardware and software solutions designed to enhance corporate communication and collaboration. Their Webex platform provides seamless integration with major conferencing services like Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom, and Google Meet. The “Room Kit Plus” bundle is great for larger spaces, incorporating AI-driven Codec Plus technology, high-quality speakers, sensitive microphones, and a sophisticated multi-lens camera system. Plus, Cisco’s RoomOS software ensures advanced back-and-forth across devices. 

(4) Jabra

Jabra is renowned for its expertise in sound engineering, particularly in enhancing meeting room audio capabilities. They specialise in providing high-quality speakerphones and conferencing systems that guarantee exceptional sound clarity. A key technology from Jabra includes their advanced noise cancellation features. Their Panacast camera series, which offers 180-degree panoramic video capture, ensures that everyone in the room is visible during virtual meetings.

(5) Logitech

Logitech products stand out for their ease of use. Logitech offers a wide range of configurable technologies, allowing organisations to tailor their meeting environments to specific needs. Key products include the Rally Bar, an all-in-one video bar that delivers 4K video and superior sound quality, ideal for mid to large-sized rooms. The Logitech Sight tabletop companion camera brings intelligent multi-participant framing to meetings. And the dedicated computing solutions ensure optimised performance in conference spaces. 

(6) Yealink

Yealink offers a comprehensive range of conferencing systems that cater to various business needs, from small huddle rooms to large conference spaces. A standout technology from Yealink is their video conferencing solutions, which are equipped with HD video and superior sound quality. Additionally, Yealink’s devices are widely compatible with major conferencing platforms, which enhances their versatility. Noteworthy features include wireless presentation systems and the ability to integrate seamlessly with smart office ecosystems.


The importance of investing in high-quality meeting room technology becomes more important every day. Brands like Crestron, Poly, Cisco, and others are leading the charge, providing solutions that transform traditional meeting spaces into centres of productivity and innovation. For businesses looking to improve their communication and collaborative capabilities, Engagis stands ready to integrate these advanced technologies seamlessly into your environments. Reach out to us today to begin your transformation.

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