Things to Consider When Switching Digital Signage Providers | Part 2

In our previous blog, we went into detail about a couple of crucial points to consider when switching digital signage providers. We highlighted the importance of researching your provider’s previous experience, particularly working with businesses in a similar field. Doing this ensures that your new provider will have the skills and knowledge to handle niche issues when they arise. It also means that your provider isn’t starting completely from scratch when building a solid foundation and understanding of how your business functions. We also talked about how you should be mindful of whether your new digital signage provider should offer an all-around service, rather than a particular branch of the digital signage process. This can have major impacts on costs and efficiency down the track. Now we’ll go into more detail about considering security, sustainability, and adaptability when choosing your new digital signage provider. 

Security / ISO

IT security is very important when it comes to choosing who you’ll be giving access to internal information and databases. Data breaches can have a major impact on your business, important and private information can be stolen and the damage can have extremely high costs to fix. On top of this cybercrime can damage the reputation of your business. Last year several large Australian companies faced data breaches. A significant amount of time can be lost to fixing the aftermath of a cybercrime incident and this in turn affects the experience of the customer. 

As mentioned before, digital signage providers require a certain level of access to your business’s data. They will often need to install centralised management software that allows both them and your internal staff to publish and update content and fix any issues that may arise. For example, at Engagis we typically use our Impress software system, which allows us and or our customers to manage every aspect of their campaign remotely and use drag-and-drop to build playlists and create campaigns. 

When looking for a new digital signage provider, you should always choose one that prioritises strong IT security and takes every possible measure to keep your network safe. Additionally, you should choose a provider that conducts regular cybersecurity checks to ensure that all security systems are always functioning. A general rule of thumb is to look for a provider that is accredited with IS027001 for Information Security Management, like Engagis, or similar industry accreditations. What this means is that your digital signage provider has been certified to comply with the standard by certified auditors for the International Organisation for Standardisation, which is based out of Switzerland.

Things to Consider When Switching Digital Signage Providers | Part 2 1

Sustainable Removal of Old Technology

Having the ability to incorporate your old technology into their new system shows that your digital signage provider is adaptable and resourceful. From an environmental standpoint, this also means that there is less material technology waste ending up in landfill. Engagis via PonyUp for Good, can decommission, data cleanse and resell our customer’s old technology, significantly reducing what goes into landfill. Half of the profits made by PonyUp for Good through this pathway go to SecondBite, which turns into meals for those in need. Essentially you want a company that can repurpose a large majority of your old technology or who can sell it in a highly secure way. Incorporating sustainability into your digital signage business model also reflects a deep level of care for your external customers and business partners.

Future-proofing Your Technology

Future-proofing is a bit of an abstract term in digital marketing. What we mean is a provider’s knowledge of the latest technology trends and their ability to adapt and factor these technological developments into their offering. The agility and adaptability of your provider will say a lot about how proactive they will be in ensuring your digital signage stays current.

From a more technical standpoint, a future-proof provider should also be able to acquire and install hardware and software that can change and adapt to the inevitable technological advancements of the future. At Engagis we start most of our clients on our Impress CMS, which assists with scheduling and publishing. In addition to this, we also offer content automation in a platform called Storya, which gives our clients peace of mind knowing that they can expedite and localise content rapidly in the future when they want to amplify their campaigns via digital signage even more.

Taking the time to research these important factors and even get in contact with some potential providers to ask detailed questions about the points discussed above, is highly important when deciding which company will be your new digital signage provider. Remember to search for a new provider that has the experience, accountability, full-service offering, and adaptability to meet your current and future goals. This is crucial for ensuring brand continuity, and a lower cost over the long term. We’ve given several examples in the course of this blog on how Engagis fits the criteria for a well-rounded, enterprise-focused digital signage provider. Contact us today or head to our website to read more about the services we offer and how we could become an essential asset to your business.

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