Top Tips on Streamlining Workplace Communication

Efficient and effective communication is essential for the functioning of the workplace. If communication is messy and inconsistent that means that information is not getting where it needs to go, work isn’t being done to its full potential, and key details are being overlooked.

We’ve found the top tips on streamlining workplace communication so that your business can thrive and improve.

Utilising Online Calendar Software

First off, it’s a great idea to use an online calendar software like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. These programs can be linked to your work email accounts, and can automatically fill in information about meetings and other events that get emailed to you, so you don’t have to. You can also set up event notifications, which notify you when a meeting or other commitment is about to start, ensuring you’ll never miss anything important. By getting all staff members on board with online calendar software, you can ensure that everyone has access to all the information they need, as well as the schedules of other staff members. We all know how hard it can be to coordinate group meetings, but if you can see your teams’ calendars and find the common gaps, you’ll save yourself that annoying back-and-forth email chain of trying to find suitable times.

Work-In-Progress Meetings

It’s important to check in with your staff members multiple times throughout the week, to ensure that everyone is on track with their tasks and there are no major issues. Consider setting up an ongoing weekly ‘Work In Progress’ meeting, or WIP for short, where all staff are required to attend and explain what task they’ve completed, what they’re currently working on and any issues or constraints. This group environment is also great for encouraging collaboration between staff members, and other staff may be interested in assisting or contributing to other projects.

These can range from quite informal meetings, such as a chat over coffee or a walk around the block, or can be more formal like taking your team to a meeting room or everyone getting together via video conferencing. At Engagis we enable workplaces to achieve maximum output by creating best-in-breed video conferencing and meeting room solutions. If your office isn’t up to modern workplace standards, get in touch with us today and we’d love to help.

Workplace Communication

Status Updates

Status updates can also be a great way to get a grasp on what everyone else is up to. By getting into the habit of sending a small task summary every few days, other staff members will also be able to see what’s going on. This ensures that nothing is doubled up on and smaller details aren’t overlooked. Similar to the work-in-progress meeting but more informal, staff members can do this on their own time. This too encourages collaboration and other staff members jumping in to assist.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

This tip is often overlooked but can be super important when trying to streamline communication in the workplace. Creating a safe and inclusive working environment is crucial, as it allows staff members to feel comfortable asking for help and clarifying tasks. If staff members don’t feel comfortable asking questions then it’s more likely that tasks won’t be done properly or to their full potential, and silly mistakes may be made. This can also tie in with giving clear instructions for tasks. If your instructions are clear and detailed there will be less need for staff members to clarify things.

These are just a handful of the helpful tips you can implement into your workplace to streamline communication. Each one of these eliminates guesswork and common errors. Some of the tips, like the online calendar software, will do the hard work for you and are therefore even more efficient. Give some of them a try today!

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