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Understanding Our Meeting Room Technology Deployment Process

Understanding Our Meeting Room Technology Deployment Process 4

If you’re looking to update your business’s meeting room technology you may enlist the help of a provider like Engagis to handle the process end to end. Over time, Engagis has continued to build trust with a wide range of high-end clients and our comprehensive meeting room technology deployment process has been fine-tuned over years of professional experience. We offer a comprehensive service from the initial client meeting, procurement, and testing, all the way to installation and support. 

(1) Meeting With Our Clients

The first step in our installation process is to meet with our clients to discuss their specific requirements. This establishes a functional relationship with our clients moving forward. By having an initial meeting with our clients, we can assess how their business is currently operating and what problems they’re looking to solve. We’ll also ask the more detailed questions you’d expect, such as your preferred conferencing platform, conference room sizes, preferences for external or face-to-face meetings, and of course budgets and timeframes. This is all to gauge exactly what it is you need, and what may already be working fine.

(2) Creating a Plan

Once we’ve got a clear idea of your business’s background, goals, and preferences, we will create a unique plan of action. One of the benefits of choosing a comprehensive service provider for your meeting room technology upgrade is that we are fully equipped to organise and handle any external tasks and teams involved. We will create a detailed proposal and schedule based on the initial conversations and this will act as the framework for the rest of the process. While we generally take the lead here, we appreciate the importance of keeping our clients informed of the progress of their technology and installation. While gathering all the initial requirements we may also choose to assess your current technology to determine whether some aspects may not require updating. Gathering information and creating a plan early on will ensure that challenges that may arise later down the track, like setbacks, stock availability issues, and installation delays can be addressed quickly.

(3) Sourcing Hardware

Engagis offers high-quality meeting room technology and we have established strong connections within the industry to well-established hardware and software vendors. These business relationships strengthen our position as an enterprise-level service provider with a reputation for sourcing the best-fit technology solutions for individual workplaces. It also ensures that our clients receive the best price possible and allows us to source stock efficiently, even during global supply chain shortages. We acknowledge that meeting room technology hardware is not a one size fits all product. The size and complexity of your space will also play a big part in hardware sourcing and this ties back in with those initial staging processes. 

(4) Installation

Before installation, Engagis performs a thorough staging and testing routine to mitigate any issues that may arise during the installation process. You can read more about this particular process in detail in a recent interview with our Technical Project Lead. Once this staging and testing step is complete all products are delivered to the client, issue-free, and installed. Linking back to our ‘comprehensive’ service offering, we manage a skilled team of professionals to install your hardware and software, so you don’t have to worry about organising this yourself. Our comprehensive approach means that we are always directly on call if there are any issues during installation, ensuring peace of mind at every stage. 

(5) Maintenance and Ongoing Support After Installation

For some digital service providers, installation may be the final step in their process. At Engagis we offer ongoing support and monitoring for all clients, to ensure that they can confidently move into this new phase of their business journey. We have a support team available 24 hours a day so that if anything happens you can immediately speak with a real team member, and we are available to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. We proactively monitor customers’ networks with the potential to resolve some issues before the client even knows they are there. In addition to this, we provide periodic reports on network performance.

Engagis is a highly experienced, safe set of hands to place your trust in when it comes to updating and installing your meeting room technology. Our years of professional experience have led to us developing and maintaining a detailed installation process that goes above and beyond standard procurement and set-up. If you’d like to learn more about how we go about updating meeting room technology for a range of businesses, you can head to our website, or contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.

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