Unveiling Telstra’s Retail Digital Signage Success

As Telstra’s retail digital signage and technology provider, Engagis has worked closely with them to install Content Automation and Localisation solutions in over 350 of their Australian stores, as well as set up key ‘Telstra Discovery Stores’ in Sydney and Melbourne. As the largest telecommunication company in the country, they cater to large numbers of customers and requirements and therefore need content and digital signage that are not only highly efficient and effective but also reflect their level of expertise in the field. So, let’s take a look at some of our successful joint projects with Telstra over the past few years.

Digital Display Networks and Content Automation Solutions

Telstra enlisted the help of Engagis to install high-quality digital monitors that could easily display important information in their physical shopping spaces. The goal here was to display product releases, promotions, seasonal events, and other key information in an engaging and accessible format.

Following this, Telstra needed a way to manage and create the content for these digital displays, in a highly efficient way. Engagis decided the best option was to install a brand new content automation system called Storya. Storya allows clients to automate the creation of their content at a larger scale through the use of pre-approved content templates. It is a more cost-effective way of creating and publishing localised content to screens almost instantly. Because of the high volume of Telstra stores, localisation was another key factor Engagis took into consideration. The adaptability of Storya means that content can be customised for certain geographical areas or important dates and events.

Effective Floor Manager

Engagis also installed a concierge solution for Telstra, to aid in empowering their in-store staff to serve customers efficiently, and to create a more seamless shopping experience for guests. The EFM application allows staff to digitally assign customers to relevant staff members based on the customer’s individual queries. This application was also linked to digital display boards which advertised customer wait times. Furthermore, this application was integrated with the My Telstra mobile app, allowing customers to receive SMS and mobile alerts for key queue milestones, allowing them to continue shopping without being stuck in a line, while they were waiting to be assisted by Telstra staff. Overall the EFM added a level of transparency and efficiency to customer and staff experiences.

Telstra Discovery Stores

Unveiling Telstra’s Retail Digital Signage Success 1

For their innovative ‘Discovery Stores’ Telstra wanted to create spaces that are highly adaptable to the needs of its customers, as well as the fast-paced changes occurring in the industry. They wanted to combine technology with a physical space, creating an environment where customers could interact with technology in a more hands-on way. These stores also needed to reflect Telstra’s core company values on a larger scale and in a more visually appealing way.

Engagis used their years of experience in the industry, along with their comprehensive planning skills to source and install interactive ‘Sandbox’ displays that customers could customise simply by touching the screen. They also fitted out futuristic, curved digital screens and LED pillars that showcased high-quality video content. 

Analysing Their Success

Installing Storya in over 350 Telstra stores across Australia allowed them to automate around 90% of their digital signage content production, cutting significant costs and minimising labour. The speed at which content can now be created and published has gone from 4 weeks to 30 mins on average, and Telstra was able to deliver 40+ automated campaigns in the first 6 months after installation. For more information on Storya and its impact on Telstra’s content management, you can view our detailed  video here, which outlines the key features of this high-level automation solution.

The partnership between Engagis and Telstra has resulted in many successful joint projects that have greatly enhanced Telstra’s content and digital signage capabilities. As a result, Engagis continues to expand these successful updates across their many stores, further solidifying their partnership and the positive impact on Telstra’s business. As per our core offering, we continue to provide ongoing support for all of Telstra’s digital updates and solutions. By using one of our high-end clients as an example, it’s clear to see how digital signage and retail tech significantly improve the overall function and success of physical stores. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help improve your business’s success, contact us today, or read more about some of our clients on our website.

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