Upgrading Lids’ in-store Customer Experience Using Retail Technology

Lids is a recognised American headwear and apparel brand that has recently entered the Australian market. They are one of the largest retailers specialising in officially branded and licenced sporting headwear and apparel. Despite their recent entry into the Australian retail market, Lids already has a store network in double-digits, with new locations currently in the planning stages. The US-based headwear and apparel company requires streamlined and up-to-date retail technology to further elevate the experience of its fast-growing stores. Furthermore, installing current retail technology will help to enhance its core values of youth culture and fast-paced sporting themes. 


Engagis was recommended to Lids by one of our previous clients. The company originally approached Engagis intending to install a large LED screen for their flagship NBA Sydney store. After the initial consultation, the Lids team realised the vast retail technology and AV services Engagis had to offer and commissioned us to work more closely with the brand. One of the main goals for Lids was to find a digital technology provider that reflected their brand’s large scale and had the professional capabilities to complete projects within set store-opening timeframes to the highest standards. The standard Lids Stores required digital display screens and quality speaker systems with music streaming connections. The more specialised NBA stores needed specific custom technology that Engagis could design, source and install. 

NBA Store Melbourne

Engagis’ first collaboration with Lids was fitting out their Melbourne NBA-exclusive store. This required careful planning, sourcing, and installation of all digital technology within this space. In line with the standard expected for an Australian-first NBA flagship store, Lids required a seamless technology showpiece to underpin the overall experience of the store.  This included stunning digital monitors, access to on-brand and appropriate background music, and a control system for the staff. It also allowed them to display a live presentation feed on the monitors for streaming live NBA games and the ability to switch to promotional content. In addition to multiple large screens and a games corner across the store, a mammoth square video wall was set up to mimic a jumbotron at an NBA game. Engagis were able to successfully deliver these solutions on time and to the highest standards. With ambitious timelines and technology scope, Engagis were able to showcase their ability to not only deliver on the core requirements of the project but also exceed the client’s expectations, all whilst working through several challenges expected of these types of projects. After successfully completing the NBA flagship and several other Lids stores, Engagis was approached to deliver their NBA Sydney store.

Upgrading Lids’ in-store Customer Experience Using Retail Technology 1

Challenges and Solutions

The Sydney store posed some unique challenges when it came to installing hardware in the physical space. Engagis was required to attend several meetings with Heritage Listing companies to ensure that the historical building the Sydney store was located in would be kept exactly the same and not damaged. This challenge was successfully overcome by our highly skilled team, who were able to adhere to heritage listing regulations and adapt their installation plan accordingly.

Another challenge faced across the Lids and NBA stores more generally, was around the music streaming solution. Finding a solution that would prevent inappropriate language from playing whilst also ensuring current, trendy music to meet the tastes of Lids’ youthful market was an essential requirement to balance. To navigate this challenge Engagis was able to create a customisable playlist that was profanity checked and met the requirements concerning music style. We were also able to provide staff access to the cloud for easy use. Engagis also ensured that music was updated constantly so that the music stayed as fresh and current as possible. 


Lids came to Engagis with the original goal of creating an immersive and youthful experience for its customers. Engagis exceeded expectations by implementing several digital signage and retail technology solutions. Overall, tasks were completed on time and to a high standard and Engagis was able to use their 20+ years of experience in the digital technology sphere to overcome any expected challenges. From these projects, they have built a strong relationship with Lids and will continue to deliver high-quality services to each Lids Australia store as they open.

Duane Yaxley

General Manager, Operations, Lids Australia

“We have been using the team at Engagis for all of our media requirements within our retail stores across both the Lids and NBA Store brands in Australia since opening our first store in August 2022. Engagis have delivered for us a high-quality product that presents both visually and auditorily to exceptional standards we require for our retail experience at Lids. Their service to us has been end-to-end from design, install and operation, as well as training for our content portal and self-management tools. Where support has been needed the team at Engagis are always urgent to our needs. A great partner in delivering a great Lids and NBA store experience.”

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