Upgrading Your Business To A Professional Audio-Visual Solution

Many businesses rely on a bit-part solution to meet their audio visual conferencing requirements. Some offices can get by with these types of systems, but upgrading to a cohesive, professional solution can instantly level-up your business, and help you make improvements in ways you might not have thought of.

The Pitfalls of a “Homemade” Solution

A “homemade” solution is a system in which all the pieces have been purchased separately from one another, intended to form a whole that is capable of meeting audio visual conferencing requirements. While this sounds okay in theory (buying a new screen when you need one, et cetera), in practice, these solutions end up being clunky and disjointed, with a collection of parts that aren’t complementary.

What You Can Gain From a Sophisticated, Professional Solution

A professional, cohesive system can unlock your workplace’s potential in ways you may not have even considered. Many offices note how their meetings run shorter, save time, and are more efficient after making the upgrade, freeing up team members and instantly boosting productivity.

Aside from time gained, a high-quality system improves the meeting experience on both the outgoing and incoming ends of the call, as well as cutting connection problems and facilitating outside partners dialling in.


How To Get One For Your Workplace

Transitioning from a bit-part solution to a professional, streamlined system doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Partnering with experts like Engagis gives you access to best-in-class technology, with comprehensive training and on-site support.

We’ve drawn on decades of experience to help businesses all over Australia improve their video conferencing, allowing them to connect to their partners at home and around the world. We can assess your current space, recommend, source and install a solution to meet your needs, and get you using it to its full potential.

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