Using Technology to Your Advantage During the Retail Holiday Rush Period

As we draw closer to the Christmas rush period, many retailers are beginning to make extra preparations. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, so it’s important to ensure that your business can keep up with the extra customers and sales. Recent technology advancements have meant that retail experiences are becoming more streamlined and efficient, and can be highly useful during the holiday rush period. This blog will take a look at how you can use technology to your advantage during the holiday period and ensure that customers and staff are having the best experience possible. 

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an important component of retail technology. We’ve written many informative articles on the impact that digital signage can have on a retail space. These can be read in the blog section of our website. For the holiday rush period more specifically, digital signage can be really helpful to display promotions and sales. Having major promotions and sales displayed clearly and brightly around the store encourages sales and also attracts customers towards the store. Digital signage means that your retail store can change up the content displayed whenever and wherever you want, without the need to install brand-new static displays every time you want to change your messaging. This will become particularly helpful with the change between Christmas sales and Boxing Day sales, which will require a quick turnaround. 

Seamless Shopping Experience

Digital signage can also be important for displaying clear instructions regarding Covid-19 and social distancing, which still has an ever-changing presence. Due to the increase in customers shopping in-store over the holiday period, a lot of people may feel uneasy about shopping in-store. Clear information and directions will put customers at ease. More generally, having clear signage and directions in-store means that your customers will have a more seamless shopping experience, which is essential during busy periods. Retail shoppers are often stressed during the holiday period, shopping for gifts and events, so it’s important to create an environment that is seamless and stress-free. Technology like wayfinders and kiosks can be a great help in this area as they allow shoppers to locate different departments and items quickly and independently. Kiosk and wayfinding technology can be even more powerful in busy periods combined with staff shortages. 

Online Shopping

The holiday period often sees a major spike in online shopping. So, it’s important to ensure that your business’ online retail presence stands out. This means ensuring that the entire online shopping process is as quick and seamless as possible. It also helps to have a website setup that’s highly intuitive to the needs of each customer. Having a quality website that stands out from others will greatly improve your brand’s popularity and the likelihood of customers returning. 
If you’re after some professional advice on how you can improve your retail spaces for the holiday rush period, particularly in terms of integrating digital technologies, consider getting in touch with Engagis. We offer a wide range of digital signage solutions and will help you prepare for the busy holiday period.

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