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What is AV-as-a-service and Why it Could be an Option for Your Workplace

What is AV-as-a-service and Why it Could be an Option for Your Workplace 4

AV-as-a-service is a monthly subscription to gain access to workplace technology and services. This method of acquiring office AV equipment gives you flexibility and scalability as your company’s needs grow and change, as you can be guaranteed to have the right technology for your needs, whilst, at the same time, not becoming locked into permanently owning anything. It can be a great option for businesses that are constantly expanding and evolving alongside the constantly changing world of technology. So, why else should you consider this as an option for your workplace?



The AV-as-a-Service model can provide a number of benefits from a financial perspective when working with the right AV partner. AV-as-a-Service makes it easier to manage your audio-visual budget by avoiding large capital expenditures for AV and meeting room technology. Depending on the size and scale of your business and requirements, paying for everything upfront can require significant capital investment. Your chosen AV partner will also be able to monitor your technology systems to ensure everything is working properly, saving your staff time and money. Another factor to note is that AV and meeting room solutions are non-recoverable assets. This means that combined with depreciation, most capital investments in this technology will see a significant decline in the value of the technology over time in comparison to the original price. An AV subscription model helps remove that issue as the focus is directed on having the right technology at a manageable monthly fee as opposed to making an unlikely future return from the assets after a large upfront investment.

Fit For Purpose Technology

Due to the rise of technology in the workplace, and the move to hybrid and remote work, AV solutions are critical for the functioning of businesses. An effective AV partner with an AV-as-a-Service offering will be able to proactively upgrade your technology as your business grows and changes, guaranteeing you will always have the right technology for your business needs. A reputable AV-as-a-Service provider will also ensure that your technology is upgraded or managed before obsolescence, which is another significant benefit given the relatively short lifecycle of AV technology. Similarly, good vendors will also provide ongoing technology recommendations based on the latest market developments and trends, helping you to keep up to date with the right technology.

Managing The Risk Of Obsolescence

Along with the benefits of a fully supported suite of workplace technology, AV-as-a-Service manages the risk of obsolescence by providing better access to advancements in platforms or ways of working. You may have made a significant investment in a video conferencing room, only to have the hardware specific to that platform become obsolete by the time you have paid for it. For example, only 3-4 years ago companies were spending large sums of money on Cisco and Polycom-based rooms which are now more frequently being replaced with Teams and Zoom to better integrate with the wider workplace platforms.

Fully Supported Service

Alongside the equipment, you are also receiving the service of full technological support from industry experts. This means you can have peace of mind knowing if any issues ever arise you will have a proactive and responsive support system for these critical assets. The staff working for your chosen AV service will typically be quicker and more efficient than other models. This is because there is often a greater incentive for AV-as-a-Service providers to deliver the best service possible to maintain and develop the existing relationship with their clients. This is the opposite of other models where the vendors may remove themselves from continued accountability once the technology is installed. Also, without a managed service-based partnership you will likely spend additional time and money understanding and negotiating who is responsible for which technology across multiple vendors.

At Engagis, we’re passionate about providing our customers with the best technology to suit their needs. Whether it’s our experience in designing the right solutions, our strengths in procurement and installation, or our proactive and highly responsive support team, we will ensure that you have the right office technology for your regularly changing needs. Learn more about our video conferencing services and our AV-as-a-Service.

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