Why Digital Signage is a Useful Marketing Tool

Digital signage is a highly effective way of communicating, advertising, and amplifying your brand to your prospective or existing audience. Best-in-class digital signage platforms are highly flexible and customisable to your business’s individual needs and by incorporating digital signage products into your marketing strategy, you can further amplify your brand. Digital signage is a powerful marketing tool in the retail industry more specifically, as it taps into the customer’s need for visual interest and quickly grabs their attention. This blog will take a closer look at how and why digital signage is used as an effective marketing tool in business spaces.

Increased Brand Awareness & Effective Promotions 

One great benefit of digital signage is to visually increase brand awareness. Both indoor and outward-facing signage can be great for displaying key brand messages and getting the attention of prospective customers. Digital screens are also an effective tool for displaying promotions, as they are easy to schedule and publish and are dynamic when compared to static poster boards, meaning you can display more promotions from the same sign. Presenting highly visual promotions to the shopper right at the source, in the actual store, can help influence the customer on their shopping journey.

Why Digital Signage is a Useful Marketing Tool 1

Cost Effective

Digital signage can be a cost-effective marketing approach when compared to static signage over time. While there are obvious costs associated with digital signage, you will soon realise the cost benefits of not having to pay for brand-new posters or boards every time a new campaign commences. Of course, you also won’t need to worry about the time-intensive hassle of having to physically have your staff or installers swap out the signage each time a campaign starts or ends. With an impressive cloud-based digital signage platform like Impress, you simply upload, schedule, and assign the relevant content to the screen/s of your choice.

Getting Your Message Out Faster

Retailers are in a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment and need to compete for mindshare constantly. With frequently changing product ranges, and campaigns, getting your message out faster, and getting the attention of customers sooner is a challenging feat. Digital signage is a great way to both get your message out to market faster and increase the number of campaigns and messages that you can display from the same location. With content automation platforms like Storya, you can get content out to your screens even faster through the use of templates and an easy-to-use platform.

For more detail on the kind of content you should be including in your digital signage read our rules of thumb for digital signage content. Engagis also offers assistance with the acquisition and deployment of digital signage solutions for your business. We will work around your business’s individual needs and goals, to source and provide the best possible solutions. Contact us today.

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