Get Lost In Hospitals? Engagis Helps Your Patients Find Their Way

Hospitals can be difficult to navigate at the best of times. Even if you know where you need to go, finding it in a labyrinth of corridors spanning wings and clinics is a different matter altogether, especially in a stressful and emotional environment, which hospitals often are.

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide is an enormous centre, with a number of different buildings spread out across the site, each housing its own clinics. As such, making the hospital as well-signed and visitor-friendly as possible is an incredibly important task – one which Engagis have been thrilled to assist with.

Engagis provided wayfinding kiosks to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, which was another major healthcare project undertaken, along with our work at the Gosford Hospital in regional New South Wales and with NSW Health in their COVID-19 mass vaccination hubs. The kiosks at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital have been installed with the intention of easing movement and providing clarity of direction to patients, visitors, staff and volunteers alike.

Engagis provided a number of wayfinding kiosks to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, with support from the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation. Some of the kiosks are landscape, while others are a slimline portrait design which is more suited to less spacious locations. Known internally as Digital Wayfinding Kiosks, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital says they “have been installed to improve the patient, visitor and staff experience at the hospital.”

The wayfinding kiosks have been installed at three key entrances and have an enormous impact on the ease in which people can find the wings and clinics they need to make their way to, especially in time-sensitive circumstances such as making appointments or adhering to visiting hours.

The Engagis wayfinding software user interface (UI) has a scannable QR code, which is an advanced feature that allows the user to follow the same route the kiosks show on their mobile device as they make their way through the hospital – saving everyone who uses them the need to memorise a series of (sometimes confusing) directions.

Get Lost In Hospitals? Engagis Helps Your Patients Find Their Way 1

Engagis aided hospital staff and volunteers in getting familiar with their new technology, offering demonstration sessions while developing the application the Women’s and Children’s Hospital now enjoys, and undertaking a “train the trainer” program. This program involved Engagis training one “champion” (as we like to think of them) at the hospital to become an expert with the wayfinding kiosks who can answer questions from other members of staff or hospital volunteers.

Engagis were suitable for this project based on the ability to offer both wayfinding software and digital signage under the same roof, thereby offering the Women’s and Children’s Hospital a consistent and cohesive fit out. Engagis used technicians local to the Adelaide area to assist with the installation of our Australian-made kiosks. In doing so, we were able to cut delivery times while providing economic benefit to South Australia by supporting local jobs.

The positive effects these wayfinding kiosks have on the daily operations of the hospital are profound. Hospitals are stressful environments for adults and children alike, whether they be patients or visitors. By offering interactive and easy-to-use mapping options, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital makes a visit easier on all their guests, every day of the year.


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