Michael Hill Jeweller

Whilst navigating a challenging landscape from Covid-19, Michael Hill faced a myriad of tech issues caused by poor-quality digital signage equipment and an inability of their previous provider to solve these issues quickly. As their devices were out of warranty, failure rates were set to increase, and to make matters worse, their in-store music providers were expensive and unresponsive.

In a cleansing overhaul, Engagis wiped their digital slate clean, replacing their scattered web of multiple providers with all-in-one, enterprise-grade service and support. Engagis successfully migrated Michael Hill’s digital signage and retail radio across the entirety of their international network (Aus, NZ, and Canada) in a matter of months. Michael Hill was able to enjoy a singular provider for both solutions worldwide, and replaced and upgraded all the old hardware and media players. A financing agreement was also put in place to provide more flexibility around cash flow throughout the Covid period.

Since making the change to Engagis, the number of tech issues experienced by Michael Hill has diminished dramatically, and in the few cases they do have, the resolution time and cost is a fraction of what it was under their previous provider. As a result of migrating to Engagis, Michael Hill was able to ensure their store technology support overheads were kept in check during COVID-19, while enabling their support team to focus on other business critical functions outside of signage. Michael Hill hit their profit targets, avoided staff burnout, improved customer service experiences, and reduced retail staff stress. Customers and staff have also been providing encouraging feedback on the music and radio in-store.


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