Health Messaging Modernisation At NSW Central Coast’s Biggest Public Hospital

The need for world-class healthcare and health messaging all over a country as vast as Australia has become especially pronounced in the time of COVID-19, particularly in our regional areas. Assisting our healthcare workers through updating technology in our hospitals benefits the entire community. These projects have an immensely positive effect on healthcare staff, as well as patients and visitors to healthcare settings such as hospitals.

Engagis have worked on providing digital signage solutions to Gosford Hospital, part of the Central Coast Local Health District in regional New South Wales. Our solutions were installed as part of the Gosford Hospital Redevelopment Project, which developed a brand-new multi-level public hospital. Digital signage solutions were sought-after at Gosford for the ease in which public health messaging can be conveyed to patients and visitors, as well as the speed staff information can be distributed across the entire hospital site.

The digital signage solutions we provided were deployed to more than fifty 55-inch wall-mounted displays. These displays were installed in all areas of the new hospital building as part of the main works AV contract, before Engagis retrofitted Eze Impress (our digital signage content management system) media players to each individual display.

Health Messaging Modernisation At NSW Central Coast's Biggest Public Hospital 1


Making use of Eze Impress gives one centralised Communications Manager on-site at Gosford the ability to push content to all displays and update them from one location. This makes it easy to achieve cohesive and consistent health messaging across the site, and is a huge step forward compared to many hospitals who require each individual department to manage content.

Eze Impress also makes it possible to localise content – for example, Gosford uses public and local health messaging in patient and visitor zones, and messaging relevant to hospital workers in staff-only areas, such as events, current rostered-on staff, and evolving safe work procedures.

The signage solutions provided by Engagis assist patients, visitors and staff for the duration of their time at the hospital, whether that be for work, visiting, or an inpatient stay. Visiting a hospital can be a difficult experience at the best of times, and with COVID guidelines vital in healthcare, having clear and consistent access to public health messaging makes it easier on everyone to do the right thing and keep Gosford Hospital running safely and smoothly.

Health Messaging Modernisation At NSW Central Coast's Biggest Public Hospital 2

Engagis were selected by NSW Health from open tender for the project, looked favourably upon for being able to provide digital signage solutions as well as a cloud-based content management system (CMS), enabling content scheduling to be managed centrally for different departments and devices. In doing so, Engagis have been able to offer Gosford Hospital a level of consistency and continuity in their health messaging that not many can match.

The success of the solutions has been underlined by Gosford’s request for additional screens to be installed one year after the original fit out. Engagis continues to support the health industry with some notable projects since, including the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, and NSW Health for their mass vaccination hubs.


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