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Business Drivers

The ANZ Smart Campus project was initiated to support its ‘New Ways of Working’ strategy which has the objective of simplifying processes for employees and improving productivity.

ANZ was also conscious that visitors and customers arriving at their head office represents a ‘moment of truth’ where there is the opportunity to create a positive experience by managing arrivals and check-in efficiently but with a personal touch. Previously, because all visitors need to be ‘processed’ by reception staff, this often resulted in queues and delays and a negative experience.

When employees had guests or customers arriving, previously, they needed to complete a registration form, forward this to reception staff who then needed to manually enter the information into the visitor system. And when guests arrived, reception staff needed to contact the host employee to let them know that their guest had arrived. Overall, it was a very inefficient process, particularly in a building with 1,000+ staff.

In addition, when visitors were given access cards, there was no way of knowing which visitor had which card which meant a lack of accountability around security.

Another problem was staff forgetting their (permanent) access pass. In order to get access to the building, staff needed to line up at the reception desk and prove their credentials, resulting in loss of time, productivity and increased frustration.


ANZ implemented a fully integrated version of the Engagis Visitor Manager solution, touch screen kiosks and a workplace app that allows staff to pre-register guests from their desktop or mobile.

Employees and reception staff can access Visitor Manager and the workplace app with Single Sign-On using their MS Active Directory.

Pre-registered guests can now check themselves in using the touch screen kiosks located on and near the reception desk. This automatically sends a message (SMS or email) to their host alerting them of their guest’s arrival.

Staff can also use the self-service kiosks to obtain a temporary pass if they have lost their pass or left it at home.

The kiosks are integrated with the Gallagher Security System.


Visitor Manager by Engagis allows ANZ to manage both the ‘process and the personal’. The bottleneck of the reception staff has been removed through the installation of the self-service kiosks. Not only does this reduce waiting times, it frees up reception staff for more personal interaction with visitors and to solve any issues if they arrive.

The previous double handling by reception staff has been eliminated as staff can register guests directly in the Visitor Management System.

While the employee and visitor experience are important, so too is security and risk management. The Visitor Manager solution records every check-in, visitor information, aligns each security card with a specific guests and can generate a range of reports.

The Visitor Manager solution by Engagis is saving time for employees, reception staff and visitors. It also manages security and risk through information capture, better tracking of access through the alignment of security cards with specific visitors and offers a range of reports to better understand visitor profile and provide an audit trail for all building entries.

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