Problem and Opportunity

While Caltex had digital screens in their StarMart and Foodary retail outlets at their service stations, the network was ageing, so they turned to Engagis to fully upgrade their digital signage network (including media players, Internet connectivity, replacement of ageing screens and 24/7/365 support) and take responsibility for managing and monetising their network. They saw an opportunity to have a more reliable network and leverage it to drive incremental retail sales.

The fact that Engagis has a track record of migrating and managing large scale networks for brands such as Telstra, Australia Post, Suncorp and ANZ with lower cost and increased reliability, made the decision easy for Caltex

The solution and the roll out

Caltex wanted the roll out to happen quickly to maximise the benefits.

440 StarMart sites were completed in 3.5 weeks and 70 Foodary sites were completed within 2 weeks. The peak deployment being 51 sites in a single day. Engagis is proud of its deployment team and with metrics like this, it’s easy to see why.

Engagis now provides full 24/7/365 support for Caltex’s Digital Signage network which consists of 1000+ high definition screens, supported by media players, across 500+ StarMart and Foodary petro-convenience retail sites Australia-wide.

Caltex 1 Caltex 2
Caltex 3 Caltex 4
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In order to monetise the network for Caltex, Engagis selected media partner Motio, to sell advertising for the Digital Signage network. So Caltex now has two new revenue streams: firstly, a share of the advertising revenue and secondly the incremental sales generated by the advertising which is near the point of purchase.

Like for other well known brands, Engagis will manage the content and advertising creation and distribution for Caltex and Motio.

Monetising the network

Engagis is working with both Caltex and Motio, to create promotions and campaigns, that can be pushed to the relevant StarMart or Foodary outlets, within the Caltex service stations across Australia.

Caltex can significantly increase profitability by increasing each customer purchase, even by a small amount.

Typical offers include product bundles or deals, for example, a special price for buying a sandwich drink and treat together, $1 coffee and special price of $2 for a Mars bar, croissant, banana bread or muesli slice when buying a cup of coffee.

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