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digital display showing a 'you are here' in the heart of Darwin, NT

“Switching on Darwin” is a $10M project that is helping to deliver on Darwin’s data-driven, people-focussed ‘smart city’ strategy where innovative technology solutions are enhancing community life and safety, improving environmental sustainability and supporting the delivery of more efficient local government services.

The project has a number of streams including smart LED lighting, sensors to analyse vehicle and pedestrian movements, free wi-fi network, smart parking, microclimate sensors and wayfinding kiosks to allow people to navigate their way around the city based on places of interest and upcoming events.

Engagis worked with the City of Darwin to build a customised wayfinding solution – using kiosks – based on the Engagis Wayfinding platform. The solution helps create a better, richer experience for visitors and locals and helps promote local businesses.

This is the initial set of features on the wayfinding kiosks.

  1. Visitors are greeted by a ‘digital human concierge’
  2. Free wi-fi locations are shown on a city map
  3. Explore Darwin lets visitors search for beaches, cafes, attractions, hotels, parks and entertainment using either a directory, category or search function. The route to the particular point of interest is then shown on a map that displays both pedestrian and vehicle options.
  4. Visitors can upload photos to the City of Darwin’s Instagram feed and the council runs competitions to encourage involvement This provides a visually exciting showcase of life in Darwin
  5. What’s On showcases all the upcoming events in the city and surrounding areas
  6. Things to do provides more information and images for the key, recommended attractions – Darwin and NT highlights
  7. A live feed of the temperature and time is also displayed on the kiosk
  8. An additional feature lets visitors scan a QR code with their mobile and have the map to their chosen attraction, transferred from the kiosk to their phone so they can take the map with them

Engagis is already in discussion with the City of Darwin about release 2 of the wayfinding kiosks which would integrate the kiosks with other smart city functionality.

Engagis is excited and proud to be part of the City of Darwin’s smart city journey.

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