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In a market where buyers research extensively online and minimise the amount of time they spend in a dealership, having a buyer enter a showroom is a significant opportunity that needs to be optimised in terms of sales conversion and sales value.

One challenge is that many different types of buyers will enter the dealership, with their own buying motivations and preferences. Successful selling depends on communicating value but different buyers are seeking a range of attributes including style, economy, practicality, performance, fuel economy, comfort, etc. Connecting with buyers both emotionally as well as communicating relevant benefits is a challenge.


To bring its vehicles to life and connect with different types of buyers, Mazda is installing video walls in its dealerships to showcase its vehicles in different real-life situations, for example: outback holiday, family outing and Saturday night in the city. Still images, video and animation are used to bring the Mazda range to life. To create a large and impactful format, a video wall ‘matrix’ of four screens was installed within high-quality timber cabinetry.

Mazda 1 Mazda 2
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To help buyers personalise and accessorise their cars, Mazda has installed a kiosk-based, 3D car configurator across its dealer network nationally. This solution was jointly delivered by Engagis, Deloitte Digital and Spinifex and is being managed by Engagis. Buyers can select a particular model, choose a colour and accessories and then view their vehicle from any angle as well as exploring the interior. The car can also be ‘placed’ in a range of real-life situations so the buyer can visualise how they would be using the vehicle. This is a way that Mazda can connect with different types of buyers and help them understand the ‘feeling’ of owning a vehicle. For their personalised vehicle, buyers also receive the ‘list pricing’ along with the features and accessories they have selected.


The Digital Signage video wall is creating a more engaging Mazda showroom environment and helps buyers emotionally connect with its vehicles. The Digital Signage is performing an important role in the sales process.

By facilitating personalisaton through the 3D Configurator, Mazda can increase the average sales value through the addition of accessories. The 3D Configurator is designed to be a self-service tool, used with the guidance of a salesperson, so it creates engagement and facilitates discussion outside a traditional sales discussion which is appealing to many buyers.

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