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Quest Apartments’ admin office in Melbourne plays host to meetings both across Australia and overseas. They decided their audio visual operating system wasn’t doing the job they needed from it, and was costing them time and money as a result. Working out of a loud and busy office, Quest needed a high-quality new solution to help them get through to the other end of their meetings loud and clear. 

The office plays host to a rough average of 5-6 back-to-back meetings a day, every single day. Quest needed to be able to reach franchisees around Australia, Singapore and other partners near and far. Needing a best-in-class, reliable system, Quest reached out to Engagis. 


Engagis assessed the Quest offices and used our experience to work out an audio visual conferencing solution that would not only suit Quest’s requirements, but save them time and money and drastically improve their meeting quality in the process. Their meeting space offered complications such as a bright reflective open space and noisy air conditioning which had made video conferencing difficult up until now. 

We sourced and installed a conferencing room solution that is completely intuitive and straightforward enough for the user to simply walk in and use, with no follow-up training required. 

Some of the technical specifics of the fit out include: 

  • Running Microsoft Teams 
  • Powered by Crestron 
  • Specially selected high-haze, high-brightness displays, and 
  • A premium level Sennheiser+QSC audio system. 

The combination of these best-in-breed components yielded outstanding results in the otherwise challenging space. 

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Now using their solution every day, Quest have let us know that they are enjoying an overall much better meeting experience both internally and on the receiving end. They’re wasting less time on meeting set-up, which adds up quickly in a meeting-heavy workplace. Quest is enjoying seamless connection across Australia and further afield, and have even noted how their meetings are tending to run shorter thanks to an effective, streamlined system.

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