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Sennheiser launches flagship Sydney Store with large scale LED displays

Sennheiser branded image digital display

The situation

A family-owned company with headquarters in Germany, Sennheiser designs, manufactures and sells premium audio components such as headphones, headsets, microphones and soundbars. Sennheiser has been in business for 75 years but is not as well-known as some of its higher-profile ‘mass market’ competitors.

Traditionally, Sennheiser has sold the majority of its products through third-party retailers such as JB-Hi Fi, Harvey Norman and Officeworks and some of its products online through its own website.

Sennheiser has a very clear segmentation structure for its customers and it uses this as the basis for its marketing strategy. It is not trying to be all things to all people, rather, it targets customers that most value what Sennheiser has to offer.

The challenge

As part of its ‘challenger strategy’, Sennheiser opened a new flagship store in Pitts St, just off Martin Place, in Sydney CBD in December 2018. The impressive store is one of only three Sennheiser flagships worldwide and the only one in the southern hemisphere. The premium design and feel of the store is in line with the company’s positioning and provides both an engaging experience for customers as well as the ability to purchase products.

The solution

Integral to the store design were two large LED displays provided by Engagis. A 3m x 2m LED display was installed facing the street, primarily to attract attention and drive foot traffic and a larger 3m x 3m LED display was installed inside the retail space.

The LED displays use video, imagery and animation to show brand and high-level product messaging as well as showcasing new product launches. Special offers and promotions are also cycled through the content from time to time. The real power of the LED displays is connecting emotion to the Sennheiser products and the ability to feature people using the products in various lifestyle situations.

Sennheiser has observed an increase in store traffic due to the installation of the street facing LED display. “It’s bright, larger than life in scale and attracts the attention of passersby”.

“The internal display, not only helps position Sennheiser as a premium brand – both because of the form factor and messaging – it performs part of our sales function by showcasing our products in a visually engaging way”.

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