Telstra Sydney Discovery Store

The challenge

Adapting to the shifting changes in technology and consumer needs is a huge priority for Telstra. Having a Discovery Store where they have showcased how they are able to engage with their customers by bringing digital to the physical environment, has provided an amazing innovations platform for a roll out to other stores. The Discovery store has also allowed Telstra to reflect the values of their company on a large scale.

The solution

Engagis worked with Telstra to create, “The Store Of The Future”. Whether its giant curved digital screens with video content, or a Sandbox tabletop where the customer controls the information they receive interactively – this really is a store which sets the benchmark for the phygital space.

All the applications within the store, both digital signage and interactive customer applications such as product self-discovery, are built on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform. Windows 10 was selected because it is secure, robust, reliable and creates a consistent customer experience.

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Telstra Sydney Discovery Store 9 Telstra Sydney Discovery Store 10

The results

The success of the Sydney Discovery Store has been a driving factor for the rollout across all Telstra stores over the next 5 years and has set the tone for the Telstra Future Retail Environment (FRE), also delivered by Engagis across their 400+ locations Australia wide. What’s more, this store is not all smoke and mirrors; the interactive and customer engagement solutions in store are delivering an improved ROI, delivering more sales and driving a huge increase in advocacy among Telstra customers.

The success of the Sydney Discovery Store has been a driving factor for the roll out across all Telstra stores over the next 5 years.

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