Content Automation and Localisation for Telstra's 350+ stores


Telstra have an impressive digital signage network with digital displays found in all of their 350+ retail stores across Australia. These smart screens, provided by Engagis, are used to display product releases, promotions, content for seasonal events such as Mother’s Day and other key information. As a market leading telecommunications company, Telstra need to continually be at the forefront of technology, and this needs to be showcased through effective and constant communication to their customers. Combined with their large and unique network of stores, Telstra were faced with the challenge of creating and distributing high-quality digital content at scale, cost effectively and with fast turnaround times. Telstra were also after a solution that could enable them to localise the content displayed on their screens based around the specific needs and demographics of customers and staff of individual store locations.


Engagis provided Telstra with a brand-new content automation solution, Storya, which leverages pre-approved templates. Storya has helped Telstra achieve their objectives of cost-effectively and rapidly improving the speed to which they can get brand approved content to their digital screens. More importantly, the Storya platform has a preconfigured distribution feature, which has allowed Telstra to distribute localised content to different customers in different store locations. For example, Telstra have been able to identify stores where there is a staff member that speaks Mandarin, and Storya allows Telstra to quickly send specific content to these stores to inform Mandarin speaking customers of the Mandarin speaking staff member that they can discuss their needs with in-store.

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Key Milestones

Storya has helped Telstra:

  • Automate 90% of their digital signage content production
  • Reduce their digital signage content production and publishing time from 4 weeks to 30 minutes
  • Deliver 40+ automated campaigns in the first 6 months

Engagis is currently working with Telstra on the next phase of Storya and is continuing to plan into the future to help support Telstra in providing a better customer experience and driving more sales.


Want to see how this project came to life?

Watch the video below to find out how Storya is helping Telstra automate and localise the content for their in-store digital screens.

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