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Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide

office wayfinder digital display showing map and information point sign above it


The Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide is large and complex, with several buildings spread out across the site. As is often the case with hospitals; patients, staff and visitors found navigating this space both challenging and stressful.

As such, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital wanted to find a solution that would make the hospital as well-signed and as visitor-friendly as possible, providing clarity of direction to patients, visitors, staff and volunteers alike.


Engagis supplied high-quality wayfinding kiosks at three key entrance points at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital to improve the ease of movement and clarity of direction. The digital kiosks have been set up in a combination of landscape and portrait orientation and have an enormous impact on people’s ability to find the wings and clinics they need to make their way to. This is especially important for time-sensitive circumstances such as making appointments or adhering to visiting hours.

Intuitive wayfinding software was set up on the touch screens with a scannable QR code. This advanced feature allows the user to follow the same route the kiosks show on their mobile device as they make their way through the hospital – saving everyone who uses them the need to memorise a series of directions.

In addition to installing the Australian-made kiosks using local technicians, which helped cut delivery times and supported local jobs; Engagis aided hospital staff in getting familiar with the new technology. This involved demonstration sessions, and a “train the trainer” program, enabling key staff to become champions of the solution and providing a smoother transition for usage post deployment.

Lasting Impact

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital says the digital wayfinding kiosks “have been installed to improve the patient, visitor and staff experience at the hospital”. Engagis has clearly been able to meet these objectives through the provision of interactive and easy-to-use mapping options that makes a visit to the hospital less stressful and much easier. Two and a half years into the pandemic, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital is still realising the benefits these kiosks bring to the overall hospital experience.

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