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Capture, engage and influence your customers, staff, and visitors with digital signage solutions tailored to them

Reaching your customers, staff, and visitors at the right time and in the right place is critical for building better engagement in highly competitive and complex spaces such as retail stores, workplaces, health facilities and educational institutions.  With digital signage you can achieve this with ease. Deliver creative, bespoke content directly to your guests at every point of their journey.

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“It’s important for our customers to receive relevant, compelling, and up-to-date information when interacting within any one of our branches. The digital signage provided and managed by our digital media partner, Engagis, plays a significant role in displaying messaging in an impactful and intelligent way.”

Anna Hussey, Manager, Communications & Change Consumer Distribution, Banking & Wealth at Suncorp

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Indoor Displays

Engagis offer a wide range of indoor displays. Regardless of the size or the solution we can provide the indoor digital signage solutions that will meet both your needs and your budget. The sleek design of our digital signs allows them to be mounted in a range of locations and service points, including product displays and shelves, and offer a great opportunity to engage customers at the point of purchase.

LED Displays

Engagis LED Walls consist of multiple LED tiles working in unison to wow passers-by with bright, dynamic content on super-sized digital signs. Available in any size or configuration, LED signage superscreens offer the largest indoor/outdoor screens available, perfect to set your brand apart from neighbouring stores and competitors.

Outdoor Displays

Engagis outdoor screens and enclosures are designed to withstand the elements and stand out for your business. Our digital signage solutions guarantee exceptional visibility in all lighting conditions. Use videos, photos and colours to convey your message and catch the eye of your customers, day or night.

Window Displays

Animated content in your shop window or any other high traffic area inspires and engages passersby, increasing conversions and walk-ins. Placed behind glass, the window displays can securely showcase promotions 24/7. Interactive digital options are also available, empowering customers to browse your product listings even when the store is closed.

Matrix Screens

These displays are designed to take front window and in-store promotions to the next level, promoting your brand on massive and vibrant digital screens. High definition content maximises promotions in-store and are proven to attract more attention, multiply ad impressions and increase message recall, when compared to static signage.

Menu Boards

Highly engaging content seamlessly flows from screen to screen on Engagis Digital Menu Boards. Used regularly in quick service restaurants, these digital displays are also popular in retail, perfect for displaying multiple promotions at once or scrolling a single promotion across the linked display. They come in a range of configurations that can be deployed behind counters or above product displays.

Custom Video Walls

Combine any number of aligned digital screens to showcase products and messages with high-impact digital media. Each screen can operate independently or combine to present that special offer, while digital signage content can be scheduled remotely, based on time of time, day, date or region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Digital signage is a great option for capturing the attention of passers-by and encouraging them to enter your store. However, they can also play a powerful role in improving customer satisfaction once they’ve made the decision to cross your threshold. Interactive digital screens, for example, can be used to give customers more information about your wait times, to facilitate a smoother queueing process, or to display additional items than your floor space allows. Even non-interactive digital displays can play a role in improving customer experience by introducing guests to new products, demonstrating additional use cases or simply improving brand perception through positive messaging and imagery.
Standard displays offer vibrant displays for at-home media consumption, but they’re poorly suited to commercial applications for a number of reasons. First, standard displays lack the flexibility of commercial displays, which can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation, as well as combined to form multi-screen displays. They also lack the durability features required for commercial settings, where they may be required to display for 16-24 hours a day and withstand contact from customers. Even more importantly to commercial users, standard displays lack commercial warranties and service agreements, and security which could leave owners unprotected from unanticipated outages.
If you’ve made the investment in digital screens, don’t come up short when it comes to content management. Instead, use the Eze Impress content management system (CMS) to schedule, manage and publish high-impact messaging that’ll attract the attention of your customers. A few best practices to keep in mind are to keep things simple and to limit the number of colours or features included in your promotions. Remember, simple is memorable when it comes to digital displays. Too many colours, messages or other elements may be too distracting to capture engagement.
Navigating the myriad options available when it comes to digital signage solutions can be challenging. Do you need menu boards that can be updated daily? Are you interested in video walls that can be set up to play looped promotional videos? Given the number of choices that must be made when it comes to selecting digital screens, it’s important to work with a partner who can assist you in finding the right digital signage solutions for your business’s unique needs. Reach out to Engagis for personalised support that takes your specific needs and use cases into account.

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