Make your business and messaging stand out with LED Signage

LED signage is becoming accessible to more businesses: quality is improving and prices are coming down.

Unlike traditional LCD screens which come in predetermined sizes, LED displays are composed of modules which means they can be made into any format or size; they can be curved and they can be used indoor or outdoor.

LED displays are bright, compelling, and are effective where there is strong ambient light.


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Why do organisations use LED displays?

1. Attract customers especially in competitive or cluttered environments

2. Bring their brand to life

3. Clearly provide critical information

4. Create ambience or a premium feel or brand positioning as part of a fit out

Engagis can:

 Provide and install a high quality  LED display for your specific requirements

 Provide ongoing support

 Provide content management software (CMS)

 Create and update content based on your input, digital assets and changing requirements

 Offer LCD screens for complementary or more cost-effective solutions

Why Engagis?

  • Strong buying power allows us to offer
    high-quality products at a mid-level price
  • Minimum 3-year warranty
  • 24/7 support
  • Engagis offers every part of the solution.
    You can pick what you want
  • Professional installation and project management

Other customers that chose Engagis for their LED solution

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