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Commercial LED Displays

LED displays are flexible, brighter and becoming more cost-effective – and the applications are almost endless. LED displays can be used in the same way as traditional signage but with the advantage of being instantly updatable or in more innovative ways such as:

  • Creating ambience or as ‘digital art’
  • Corporate branding
  • Messaging
  • Promotions
  • Video and animations
  • Welcome messaging

And new, transparent LED displays provide dramatic ‘borderless’ images.

However, you use them – LED displays create impact.

LED signage offers significant advantages over traditional signage. They are energy efficient, have a striking brightness and typically have a life of around 100,000 hours or up to 11 years. LED displays also have greater brightness and a wider viewing angle than LCD displays.

Offering almost unlimited flexibility, LED displays can be adapted to almost any wall or surface dimension, shape or curve and can be used to create a seamless video wall with tailored dimensions.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an LED display. Selecting the right LED display depends on the resolution required, surface area available for mounting, type of content to be displayed, ambient light conditions, viewing angle, distance to viewers and whether the display is indoor or outdoor.

But choosing the right LED display can be challenging and risky.

Not only are there a number of technical criteria to be considered, such as pixel pitch, brightness, power consumption and aspect ratio, LEDs that have similar technical specifications can vary significantly in terms of quality, durability and price.

Two LED displays may look the same and look the same on paper, but vary greatly in terms of how they age, total lifetime, uniformity of display, installation and maintenance costs and consistency of brightness across the panel over time. The physical structure of the display, the number of layers and design of the circuit board, Quality Assurance processes of the diode manufacturer and chip supplier all ultimately affect the quality and durability of the display.

Engagis can help you navigate the potential minefield of LED display selection.

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Engagis partners with a number of leading ISO-certified LED display manufacturers and can advise you on the best display for your particular application. Through our partnerships, we have a deep understanding of the manufacturing process, component providers, technical specifications and materials used and we can help you optimise your display for quality and price.

We understand the importance of working with suppliers that have a track record, are financially stable and will be in a position to honour their warranty and provide parts as required. Also important is working with ethical suppliers – we understand the value of our customer’s brands and the risk of being associated with the wrong organisations.

But it’s not just about sourcing the right display, at Engagis, we offer you the complete package. We source the best displays for our customers including Novastar video scalers, along with spare parts, and then we stage and test the LED displays to ensure long-term reliability and install the display on-site. When the displays are installed, we manage them under a support agreement which includes a warranty.

Our aim is for our customers to have a display with impact while minimising the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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