Does Your Business Need A Retail Concierge?

How Engagis is re-designing the customer experience



The purpose of a concierge is to make life easier for the customer.

Concierge services are now available for both the physical retail space and the digital, facilitating and guiding customers through their shopping. This omni-channel approach guides the customer across all retail spaces.

A physical concierge in-store helps facilitate the customer’s journey from the digital shopping experience to the physical; range visualisation and personalisation, and queue and visitor management.

Both Telstra and Suncorp, facilitated by Engagis, are achieving a smooth omni-channel approach, in which a retail concierge provides guidance in the consumer process.


 Deepens customer/ business relationships through recognising each consumer as an individual with their own preferences, style, and schedule.

 Allows for personalised product recommendations to be seamlessly integrated into the shopping process.

Streamlined shopping experience, simplifying the process and guiding the consumer.

 Lessened wait-times, managed queue process.

 Increased safety for customers and staff post-lockdown.

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