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Media Release: 10 July 2019
Sydney, Australia

Today, Engagis is proud to announce the launch of StoryaTM which is a new content creation platform for digital signage.

Storya helps organisations optimise their investment in digital signage and digital assets by automating the creation, approval and distribution of personalised content across their network of screens, LED displays or kiosks. 

Pre-approved, ‘on-brand’, templates combined with automated workflow, ensure governance and approval before publishing to designated screens across a digital signage network.
Storya by Engagis will launch with ANZ Bank as its first customer.

Digital signage provides the opportunity for organisations to distribute content and messaging into physical spaces such as retail stores, shopping malls, transport hubs, university campuses and event venues where there is value in context-specific content and information. However, keeping content current, tailored to the specific site, on-brand – and doing this cost-effectively and quickly is a challenge. In most cases, the speed of publishing or the quality of the content suffers.

Storya allows content curation from existing assets through integration with Digital Asset Management Systems, then personalisation and tailoring, before going to approval and publishing.

Existing assets and digital content can be incorporated into pre-designed and pre-approved templates which can then be personalised by the author. Upon completion, the new asset is automatically routed to an approver before publishing. The Storya platform allows an organisation to draw upon a large number of distributed authors, optimising personalisation and localisation, while maintaining governance and brand integrity.

Content that typically requires frequent updating includes product promotions, pricing, retail campaigns, cafe menu selections, store opening hours, new staff announcements and staff recognition, birthdays, company news and welcome messages.

“We are using Storya because we have an extensive branch network where localised messaging is very powerful. Now we can empower our local branch managers to create content for their screens, using ANZ branded templates, while incorporating a simple approval process” said Sally Palmer, Marketing & Content Manager at ANZ.

Different pricing packages are available, so Storya is cost effective for large enterprises and small businesses.

“We are excited about the release of Storya”, said Engagis CEO Leon Condon. “It means we can help customers with their whole lifecycle – from content creation to distribution – along with the hardware including screens, LED displays, kiosks and media players”.

“Storya integrates with Adobe AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) and is designed to easily integrate with any third party Content Management System – facilitating scheduling and the creation of playlists”, said Leon.

Additional features of Storya include a live preview, insights dashboard to measure the performance of specific content, training and 24/7 support.

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