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Exciting Digital Solutions at Healthweek 2019


Engagis will be showcasing a range of innovative solutions at Healthweek 2019 (27-28 March, 2019, ICC, Sydney). Here’s a quick overview of the solutions you can see when you visit the Engagis booth.

Virtual Reality is becoming a hot application in Aged Care. Not only does it allow residents to have virtual – but realistic – experiences they could only dream of, it provides a catalyst for residents to engage with each other and “travel” without leaving the comfort of their bed or chair .

Digital signage, both LCD screens and LED which can be highly customised, can be used for communications to staff, patients and visitors. Specific content, which can be easily updated, with defined approvals, includes patient journey boards, community health information, staff event announcements, directional information, rosters, safety messages, etc.

Where seconds are critical in terms of saving lives, directional signage is valuable in emergency situations.

Wayfinding. Hospitals are large and complex spaces. Productivity and patient/visitor experience can be enhanced with a wayfinding kiosk that displays floorplans with easy to follow instructions and an animated path to your destination.

Contractor check in kiosks allow contractors to register their arrival before commencing work. Features include photo capture, live evacuation reports, site induction, time in attendance tracking and reportable auditing of all contractors on site.

Patient check in kiosks free up staff and empowers patients to do self-check in. It provides real-time waiting information, is multi-lingual and allows for comfortable wheelchair usage.

Queue Management. Effective Queue Management means an efficient process for matching the patient with the best service provider and managing the perceived wait time through communication and live wait time updates.

Patient Journey Boards allow hospital staff to check real-time patient information, update as required and review the current workload against patient requirements.

Electronic Triage, facilitates emergency check in, using a touch screen kiosk and a short series of clinical questions with multiple choice answers. It improves efficiency and the patient experience.

We are already working with a number of hospitals and get great satisfaction when we can help improve the delivery of health outcomes with our digital solutions.

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