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Mazda 3D car configurator goes live in dealerships across Australia

Mazda 3D car configurator goes live in dealerships across Australia 2

Media Release: 7 March 2019
Sydney, Australia

Launched today, Engagis is proud to be one of three partners to bring the 3D Mazda Configurator (Mazda Retail Hub) to life in over 100 dealerships across Australia.

The kiosk-based application allows customers to design their own car in 3D – interior and exterior – choose accessories, obtain indicative pricing and receive a summary of their selections by email so they can review at home or share with their family.

In addition to creating the customised 42” and 55” kiosks, Engagis provided the content management system (CMS) that brings together assets and data from the Mazda library, 3D models and animations created by Spinifex and makes them available to a front end application designed by Deloitte Digital. Engagis will provide ongoing support for the hardware and network.

The 3D configurator is a tool that not only helps customers create their ideal car, but it also provides a powerful way for the dealer salespeople to engage with, and assist buyers,” said Leon Condon, CEO, Engagis. “It’s not just exciting technology, it’s about bringing people together and creating an immersive experience”.

The 3D experience created by Spinifex and Deloitte, allows customers to view the car from any angle and interact with it so they can see exactly how the car will look on the road. The application also allows customers to choose an environment or setting for the car. After the showroom visit, via email, the customer receives an image of their designed car in their preferred environment for their consideration and sharing.

Dealers not only receive valuable information about customer preferences, customers leave their contact details so there is the option to receive a follow-up pack and salespeople can contact buyers after they leave the showroom and provide further information or special offers.

“The 3D configurator turns normally anonymous buyers into known buyers so the relationship can continue beyond the initial showroom visit”, said Condon.

In addition to car design and accessory selection, the kiosks will provide customers with a visual overview of complex features such as SkyActiv, lane-keep assist and i-stop.

All nine current Mazda ranges will be featured on the 3D configurator and updates will be made as the lineup and features change.

Engagis is also rolling out Digital Signage in Mazda dealerships across Australia as a preferred digital signage partner.

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