Enterprise Partners

Backed up by our enterprise partners Engagis is delivering a better service and faster results for our customers


Engagis’s partnership with Telstra has been the platform for the telco retailer’s in store success and innovation in recent years. Engagis technology has helped increase sales significantly as well as driving impressions, interactions and engagement in store. Analytics tools allow Telstra to measure customer data accurately, and target promotions and communications to the right customer at the right time.

The Engagis-Telstra Partnership has increased our reach and provided us with the unique ability to offer solutions to a range of industries. Together with Telstra, Engagis has lead hundreds of revolutionary projects that are transforming customer engagement throughout the Asia-Pacific.


Microsoft and Engagis have enjoyed a long term, mutually beneficial partnership for several years. Together, both companies have delivered project rollouts for a number of APAC’s largest retailers and financial institutions. Engagis also recently won the Emerging Partner Award at Microsoft’s Global Partner Conference.


Technology partner, Cisco, offers a range of market leading products to the digital solutions industry. Both Engagis and Cisco share a vision of quality that sees complementary services regularly being bundled together.


Samsung is the world’s leading technology and digital screen manufacturer. Engagis and Samsung have been Partners for several years and have together delivered hundreds of successful implementations.


Media Players are an integral component of the digital media networks that Engagis deliver. Our Partnership with Shuttle enjoys we have access to the world’s leading technology to support our commercial grade, large scale networks.