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The Modern Workplace

The way we work is changing. Adoption of technology means we can work anywhere and collaborate with people and teams all over the world. Flexibility and productivity are the result.

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Banking is changing rapidly as an increasing volume of low value transactions are moving to online and mobile. As a consequence, the traditional branch is being transformed into a more personalised and immersive space where customers can receive advice and education to help them make more complex, high value and high emotion financial decisions.

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Outdoor LED Display - Retail - Digital Signage Solutions - Engagis Australia


Telco’s offerings have expanded greatly over the past decade and telcos are becoming full ICT service providers. Telecommunications is an increasingly complex and competitive sector and leading telcos are transforming their retail environment into a channel where they can engage with customers, let them explore solutions, facilitate transactions and provide support.

Engagis has extensive experience in creating digital touchpoints for telco retail and flagship telcos.

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digital signage healthcare


Hospitals are large complex spaces that rely on a high volume of specialised staff assisting a high volume of patients. It’s a delicate balance of care and efficiency.

Engagis offers solutions for healthcare providers that increase staff and patient satisfaction and improve productivity.

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Fashion industry digital signage australia

Fashion retail

Fashion retail is an extremely competitive market. Attracting customers into your store can be challenging, particularly in cluttered retail environments. Then you need to engage shoppers and lead them to purchase. Forward thinking retailers are turning to digital media solutions to increase retail traffic and increase sales revenue.

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Mazda - Interactive 3D Product Configurator Kiosk - Retail - Digital Signage Solutions - Engagis Australia


Automotive retailing is changing. Before car buyers walk into the showroom, they have already done significant online research, so the salesperson doesn’t need to provide information such as features, specifications, model comparisons, accessory options, etc. Their role is to build trust, guide a warm buyer through various options and create a competitive deal.

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