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Hospitals are large complex spaces that rely on a high volume of specialised staff assisting a high volume of patients. It’s a delicate balance of care and efficiency.
Engagis offers solutions for healthcare providers that increase staff and patient satisfaction and improve productivity.

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At any point in time, there is a large number of people in a hospital, including patients, for whom it is likely their first visit, visiting doctors and new staff. Getting to the right place quickly can be challenging. Hospitals are built upon time sensitive events such as appointments, operations, briefings, training and meetings. If one person is late, it usually impacts many others and can adversely impact many schedules.

Wayfinding solutions from Engagis, using kiosks or digital signage, help patients, staff and visitors navigate their way through a hospital and find the ward, doctor, room theatre or services they are looking for.

Wayfinding solutions include easy to read hospital maps with intuitive ‘3D’ directions. Users can search, pan, zoom and explore a multi-level hospital.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage, with a centralised content management system, improves communication and engagement with staff, patients, and visitors.
It offers the flexibility to easily change and update content and is visually appealing through the use of imagery, text and video. It can easily be installed in waiting rooms, foyers, hallways, lifts, rooms, cafes – even outside.

It can be difficult delivering important information to staff, particularly if they are moving around, don’t have a dedicated desk or a company email address. Digital signage is the perfect solution to communicate work health and safety messages, rosters, policies, staff events and productivity messages.

For patients and visitors, digital signage can provide entertainment while they wait for service, reducing the perceived wait time and can be used for important health and hygiene announcements or promoting health initiatives such as ‘Healthy Heart Week’ and flu vaccinations. Because content can be easily updated and rotated, multilingual messages can be interspersed.

An easily updatable directory can be displayed on digital signage and different messages and content can be directed to particular zones or rooms.

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Queue Management and wait time communication

Waiting is an inevitable part of the provision of health services but managing the process effectively results in happier patients.

A queue management system, delivered through a self service kiosk or concierge with a tablet, creates an orderly process and matches the patient with the best service provider. A wait time display removes the frustration on not knowing when you will be attended to and reduces the perceived wait time.

An SMS can also be sent to patients to alert them that they will be served soon in case they have moved from the immediate area.
This enhances the overall patient experience.

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Patient Check-in

Patient check in systems streamline the arrival process and patient flow and reduce or eliminate labour intensive and potentially error-prone paper-based processes.

A kiosk-based check in system empowers patients with self service registration, provides real-time waiting information and has multilingual capability. Accessibility features allow for comfortable wheelchair usage.

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Contractor Sign-in

Visitor and Contractor Management Kiosks allow contractors to register their arrival on site before commencing work.

The kiosks present site induction information and check credentials against the contractor database to ensure insurances and licenses are up to date and on file.

Photo capture, live evacuation reports, site induction, time in attendance tracking and reportable auditing of all contractors on site are powerful tools for Work Health and Safety Managers.

Visitor and Contractor Management solutions are used in reception, loading docks and various locations throughout the building

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Patient Journey Boards

Patient journey boards are wall mounted touch screens that are used in nursing stations and are a valuable tool for managing the care for every patient within the hospital.

Staff members can check real time patient information, update as required and review the current workload against patient requirements.

A clinical pathway module can be included to systematically manage the patient’s journey across different units and different healthcare organisations – from treatment to rehabilitation including remote monitoring if required.

LED Signage

Digital signage can also be used for external applications or outward facing communications. LED signage is very effective in these situations because of its brightness, ruggedness for outdoor use and its ability to be customised in terms of dimensions, shape and curvature. It is particularly effective in large formats.

Hospitals can use LED signage either within the building, but facing out or as fully outdoor signage.

Typical uses are hospital identification, branding, welcome messages, directional information, parking instructions, opening hours and visiting hours.

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