The Modern Workplace

The way we work is changing. Adoption of new technology means we can work anywhere and collaborate with people and teams all over the world. Flexibility and improved productivity are the result.

However, even though mobility has increased, and people have the option to work in hotels, cafes or at home, work is mostly performed at a company site because of the people and resources on tap or customers that need to be hosted or serviced in some way.

people in a modern office

Forward thinking organisations are creating the modern workplace where customers, staff and visitors have a great experience. They are measuring their success in terms of improved staff engagement, stronger organisational culture, better communication, more personal but efficient engagement with customers and visitors, increased productivity and reduced risk.


Improved staff engagement and culture

Improving communication and providing messaging relevant to each of your specific sites helps staff feel like they belong and builds a strong organisational culture

Improved customer and visitor experience

First impressions are important. Combining an efficient check in process with a human touch, using a visitor management system, creates a positive experience and increases staff productivity.

Reduced risk

Helping visitors navigate your site and getting them where they need to be, quickly, reduces risk and improves safety and compliance. And making sure visitors are authorised and ‘checked-in’ helps manage risk and allows for auditability and reporting.

Improved efficiency

Improving efficiency through a wayfinding solution means improved service delivery, a better experience for visitors or customers or reduced costs. Increasingly, people have a preference for self-service solutions.

Engagis Solutions for Modern Workplace

Staff Communication 
Using digital signage for internal, staff or team communication is not only impactful, it allows you to customise messaging by site and cut through the clutter of email
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Visitor Check in
Self service check in is not only faster and more efficient, you can focus your people on more personal engagement.

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Kiosk based solutions that can be customised for your specific space. Simple 3D visualisation of spaces combined with navigation.

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Smart Stand-ups
A new way to make faster and better decisions. Small teams huddle around a kiosk which provides access to BI and ERP systems.

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