Staff Communication

Ironically, staff communication has become more challenging as new technologies have emerged and proliferated. Cutting through email, instant messaging and collaboration tools and getting mindshare is difficult.

How do you tailor messages to people in specific locations? Or deliver time sensitive information? And how do you create a sense of cohesion and a common culture when your organisation is distributed across multiple sites?

Digital signage is an ideal solution for managing staff – or internal – communications. It is highly visual, impactful, engaging and can be tailored for specific locations.

digitla display in a breakout office area showing employee of the month

Digital signage attracts attention, can be refreshed frequently – for example, live sales results – and provides a physical rallying point that facilitates communication and cooperation across different departments.

Compare the effectiveness of an email announcement for a new employee with their face and profile on a digital screen.

Organisations use digital signage for a broad range of messaging and content, including:

New staff announcements

Staff recognition

Safety messages

Customer wins

Promotion of social events 

Photos from social events

Company updates


Welcome messages

Case Reporting

Hero Boards


Engagis offers full end to end solutions for staff communications. A brief outline is provided below, but you have the option to click through to other parts of our website for more detailed information.

There is a wide variety of options for displaying content

LCD screens are the most common and they can have landscape or portrait orientation. Multiple screens can be joined together to create a matrix or a ‘video wall’.

LED displays are bright, impactful and can be customised for particular spaces and can even be curved.

Distributing content to the screens, scheduling and creating playlists is done using a content management system or CMS. Depending on your environment, we can use Adobe Screens or our in-house CMS solution called Impress.

Where organisations often struggle is with the curation and creation of content. Often there will be a number of contributors, but the content requires review, approval and not only needs to ‘look good’, it needs to be accurate and ‘on brand’.

Engagis has developed a smart solution called Storya that makes it easy to curate and create content and have it published to your screens quickly and easily. It allows the author to use any of your existing digital assets such as images, photographs or videos, apply them to a pre-designed set of templates, then customise the messaging, and layout. The created content is sent to an authorised person for approval and publication.

Storya allows you to harness the ideas, knowledge and creativity of your broader team while ensuring consistent high quality of content and speed of delivery.

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